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Things Your Video Marketing Strategy Must Include

by Bookmark   |   September 19, 2018   |   Share this:  

This means marketing, promotion and good products (or services). And one of the most popular and interesting strategies today is video marketing.

Now, you may ask yourself what video marketing actually is. Simply put, video marketing is promoting your business by using online videos. These videos should be, but not necessarily, focused on your services and products. But they can also place and promote content relevant for your business through the medium of short or long form videos. In this way, you will get more outreach, more customers, and even business partners. Not to mention strengthening and promoting your brand. You can place these videos on YouTube and promote them on any of your dedicated social media pages and platforms.


1. Good, quality content

This one is quite obvious, and yet so many companies let it fall by the wayside. The videos you create (or have created for you) must be well done and well made. They should be interesting and look well made. Now, this doesn’t mean you should have James Cameron make an epic three-minute video using the latest equipment available. What it does, however, mean is that you create content that doesn’t look unfinished or lazy. That you get people who know what they’re doing and can create something that is in line with your wishes and wants.

Also, keep in mind how long your video should last. Just because it lasts for 15 minutes and has a cohesive Campbellian story inside of it doesn’t mean it’s good. Sometimes 60 seconds is more than enough.


2. Take risks with your content – be original

The rule of thumb here is to try to stand out. For example, by creating 1 minute videos where you promote content that teaches your potential customers something about your work or your products. To give you an example, say you sell camping equipment. Posting tutorials on some basic camping skills, like setting up a tent or a fire, will certainly net you some positive attention. Or you can create them yourself, specifically using the gear you promote and sell.


3. Set up a proper schedule and plan

You shouldn’t just post as many videos as you want, whenever you want. Also, remember, you have a limited amount of time and resources when creating videos. On the other hand, if you’re just using videos from the web, know that even these can run out – think long-term. And it’s best if you focus and choose your content wisely.

So, setting up a schedule could mean that you created 20 videos (or have 20 videos ready) about the basics of camping. If you post all of them in two days, you won’t really develop a relationship with your customers, and you won’t even get some SEO goodies. But, if you post one video per day, you will get the same results, and more time to develop and observe what is happening. You will have more room to change your schedule if needed. Getting a proper social media team will definitely help you with this.


4. Get your audience to join in

One of the great benefits of social media is the connection you can develop with your customers. They can directly contact you over Facebook or Twitter, and you can do the same. In this way, you can figure out what they want, and get some feedback on your work. What you can also do, however, is maybe ask them to post some content of their own. Give them a challenge and offer some kind of reward for the best video involving your product. This will do wonders for your brand, and really make you stand out.

Remember, video marketing strategies are not about Hollywood level film crews and supermodels. These are all about proper planning, originality, and connection with your target base. Try to be original and thorough, create good content and plan everything out, and you will definitely see success. And the best part is, you can have fun with this and let your creativity run loose.

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