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Tips to attract and convert last-minute shoppers

by Google   |   December 21, 2021   |   Share this:  

It's five minutes to closing time and a frantic shopper rushes in. They're asking if you have a specific product in-store. They’ve already been to several different places searching for it.

Imagine how easy it would be if they could simply search online, see that you have the product in your store, and come in to buy it from you.

Check out how you can use Pointy from Google to do exactly that in our video below. You’ll also get three more tips to attract and convert these last-minute shoppers.


1. While big moments are great, capitalize on local moments too
2. Be found for what you sell
3. Know what people are searching for
4. Don’t forget the new ways of retail you picked up during the last 18 months.




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