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58 Powerful Video Marketing Statistics for 2018

Derek Doeing   |   November 05, 2018   |   Share this:  

Just as the Tyrannosaurus Rex ruled the Cretaceous Period, video rules the digital marketing landscape of today.

You know what I’m talking about:

  • The 30-second advertisement before your favorite YouTube series
  • The recipe walkthrough on Facebook
  • The Instagram personality showing off their new mattress

These all have something in common: They’re everyday examples of video marketing taking over the internet.

Video is a powerful tool that helps boost engagement, generate B2B marketing leads, and showcase your brand like never before.

If you’re not using the power of video in 2018 to meet your marketing goals, it’s time you start. Pick up a camera, download a video editing software (you can learn how to edit videos here), and start churning out video content like there’s no tomorrow.

There’s an incredible number of ways to apply video to your marketing strategy. Vlogs, video interviews, tutorial videos, recorded presentations, product demos, customer reviews, testimonials, advertisements, and live streams are just a few of the ways businesses are finding immense success through video marketing.

Video source: Amplomedia

Not fully convinced that the dive into video marketing is right for you or your business? I would be willing to bet that these video marketing statistics will change your mind.

58 video marketing statistics for 2018

For more information regarding each of these statistics, check the linked source.

Video marketing trends

Video is already a marketing staple, and these trends prove it. People are watching videos more than ever before – and the exponential growth of video can hardly be ignored.

  • 70% of marketers plan to use video marketing this year (We are Social).
  • Internet video traffic made up 69% of all global consumer Internet traffic in 2017 (Cisco).
  • 55% of people play close attention when consuming video – more than all other types of content (HubSpot).
  • 51% of all video plays are on mobile devices (Adelie Studios).
  • 78% of people watch online videos every week and 55 % view online videos every day (HubSpot).
  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and image content combined (Wordstream).

Product marketing video statistics

Video is priceless for companies with a product to sell. It allows you to show off exactly what your product is, how customers are using it, and what they like about it. Running a video marketing campaign around your product will help drive sales, especially if your product hasn’t hit store shelves yet.

  • Nearly 50% of internet users look for videos related to a product or service before visiting a store (Google).
  • Including video on landing pages can increase conversion rates by 80% (Unbounce).
  • 80% of consumers believe having demonstration videos are helpful when making purchases (Blue Corona).
  • Consumers who view demo videos are 1.81 times more likely to make a purchase than non-viewers (Adobe).
  • Use of the word “video” in an email subject line was found to increase open rates by 19% and click-through rates by 65% (HubSpot).
  • Brands that use video marketing grow their year over year revenue 49% faster than brands that don’t (Wirebuzz).

YouTube video statistics

We’re all familiar with the abundance of cat clips, music videos, and vloggers on this platform. However, businesses can use the video streaming site, creating value for themselves through YouTube videos. Effective video marketers understand that YouTube is where to go when looking for an audience. Create a YouTube channel, learn how to upload a video to YouTube, and make your wildest video marketing dreams come true.

  • YouTube is the second most trafficked website, after Google (Alexa).
  • More than half of all YouTube video consumption is though mobile devices (YouTube).
  • YouTube users spend, on average, 40 minutes a day, watching videos on mobile devices (comScore).
  • YouTube has more viewers among 18-to-49 year olds than any U.S. cable network (YouTube).
  • Users view more than 500 million hours of video each day on YouTube (Business Insider).
  • YouTube boasts over 1 billion users, roughly one-third of the entire internet (YouTube).
  • How-to searches on YouTube have grown 70% year over year (Google).
  • Half of 18-to-34-year-olds would stop what they’re doing to watch a new video by their favorite YouTube creator (Google).
  • 40% of millennials trust YouTube for content and 60% say videos they’ve watched have changed their worldview (Google).
  • YouTube users share 400 hours of new video every minute (Domo).
  • 26.4% of professional marketers and 18.5% of small-and-medium-sized business owners say YouTube will be their main video sharing platform in the next year (Animoto).
  • Views on branded video content have increased 99% on YouTube as of June 2017 (Tubular Insights).
  • 87% of marketers have published video content to YouTube and 87% of marketers plan to do it in 2018. (Wyzowl)

Facebook video statistics

YouTube still leads the pack for online video, but Facebook is closing in quickly. It’s autoplay feature and integration into user’s newsfeeds are a huge reason for the platform’s more recent emergence into the video scene. (Get it, scene?)

  • 100 million hours of video are watched each day on Facebook (TechCrunch).
  • 500 million people watch Facebook videos every day (Tubular Insights).
  • Facebook videos receive 135% more organic reach on average than a photo (Socialbakers).
  • 85% of Facebook video is watched with the sound turned off (Digiday).
  • Facebook generates 8 billion video views on average per day (Social Media Today).
  • Facebook users spend 3x longer watching a live video than a video that is not live (Facebook).
  • Native videos on Facebook have a 10 times higher reach compared to YouTube links (Socialbakers).
  • 1.2% of videos on Facebook go viral (Wochit).

Instagram video statistics

Beginning as a social media app for strictly photos, Instagram is now a key platform for sharing video. Marketers have access to sharing videos through posts on users’ feeds, interactive stories, and even its new long-form video feature, IGTV. Not sure what I’m talking about? Learn exactly what is Instagram marketing.

  • The time users spent watching video on Instagram increased by more than 40% in 2016 (Instagram).
  • 25% of Instagram ads are single videos (Smart Insights).
  • Instagram is the only platform where photos still receive more engagement than video (Sprout Social).
  • 53.4% of marketers see Instagram videos as important (Animoto).

Twitter video statistics

Twitter’s focus on video is not to be ignored. After buying out and ultimately shutting down six-second video platform Vine in 2017, Twitter began to integrate more video into its own platform. Videos on Twitter have higher engagement and can be shared quickly to an audience. They grab the attention of users scrolling through the app or website. Marketers should start with learning how to set up a Twitter account.

  • 82% of Twitter users watch video content on Twitter (Twitter).
  • 90% of video views on Twitter take place on mobile (Twitter).
  • Video on Twitter is 6x as likely to be retweeted as photos (Twitter).

Snapchat video statistics

Only recently have marketers begun to truly tap into the potential of video on Snapchat. Video advertisements are more common on the app, but customer or employee takeovers are another great way to get customers involved in your business. We’ve got you covered with this beginner’s guide on how to use Snapchatif you still have questions.

  • Snapchat users, in total, watch 10 billion videos each day (AdWeek).
  • Snapchat users, in total, watch 6.94 million videos a minute (Domo).

Best practices video statistics

The way that you create your videos should be directly tied to how the audience is consuming them. Keep consumers in mind so your videos are not only made the best, but perform the best.

  • 56% of viewers are likely to skip online video ads (Marketing Land).
  • The top three most effective types of video content are customer testimonials (51%), tutorial videos (50%), and demonstration videos (49%) (Curata).
  • Nearly two-thirds of consumers prefer video under 60 seconds (Insivia).
  • 30% of viewers stop watching a video after 30 seconds, 45% after one minute, and 60% after two minutes (Ad Age).
  • 82% of consumers have closed a browser or exited a webpage because of an auto-playing online video ad (HubSpot).

Final powerful video statistics

Still not convinced about the power of video marketing at this point? I’ve got seven more incredible statistics for you.

  • 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others (RendrFx).
  • 80% of users recall a video ad they have viewed in the past 30 days (HubSpot).
  • Videos up to two minutes long get the most engagement (Wistia).
  • Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text (Insivia).
  • Square-shaped videos get 275% more views, 482% more shares, 523% more comments, and 349% more reactions than other sizes (Wochit).
  • Videos, on average, retain 37% of viewers all the way to the end (HubSpot).
  • 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers (HubSpot).

Video marketing forecast

Without a doubt, these statistics prove that the upward trend of video marketing is on track to keep rising approaching the coming years and beyond. Check out a few of these predictions for the future of video marketing in the next few years.

  • By 2020, there will be almost a million minutes of video per second crossing the internet (Cisco).
  • By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic (Cisco).
  • 75% of all mobile data traffic worldwide will be video by 2021 (Cisco).
  • Traditional cable companies will face collapse as users massively shift to internet video across multiple devices by 2020 (Powtoon).
  • By 2020, medium-to-low-end mobile devices will commonly include high-definition recording and playback abilities (Powtoon).

Video marketing should not be underestimated

Video marketing is here, and it’s here to stay. The best marketing teams know that video has the power to grow brand awareness and drive leads. More importantly, it helps establish a genuine connection between a business and its customers.

Now that you know exactly what video marketing is doing for others, don’t wait any longer. There are plenty of free video editing software that will help you along your journey. Get out there and create content that will make you the T-Rex of the video marketing world. 

Derek Doeing

Derek Doeing

Derek Doeing is with G2 Crowd as a Content Marketing Intern. Hailing from a farm town outside of Chicago, Derek is in the process of finishing his bachelor's degree at Iowa State University. In his free time, he enjoys road trips, listening to Panic! at the Disco, and re-reading Jurassic Park.

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