How to Boost Brand Identity with Unique Blog Content

David Tile   |   January 29, 2018   |   Share this:  

When you’re writing SEO content, or order a blog to be written for you from a content writing service, what outside outside information about your business do you consider?

  • Do you insert SEO information?
  • Do you think about your marketing audience?
  • Do you give a writer information about your target demographic?

The answer to all of the above is probably a resounding “yes” – this is Content Marketing 101! Of course you need all that information! What you’re probably not focusing on, however, is your brand identity.

The identity of your brand is more important than you might think. Businesses like 99Designs put food on their employee’s tables with brand identity because their best-selling service is making sure your business’ brand shines through in all of their logos and site imagery. This isn’t just something you do with images, though. You can put forth a brand identity in your blog content as well. 

The Importance of Brand Identity

It’s vital for your brand identity to be conveyed via all mediums you associate with your business. This ranges from social media to email copy, your telephone voicemail message to your blog content. Your business’ unique personality is how you can differentiate it from your competition – and this is extremely important.

Here’s a fact that can’t be sugar coated – your business is likely not unique, for the most part. Think about a dry cleaning storefront in New York. There’s essentially a dry cleaners on every block, so they have to do something to stand out – but what? They can adjust their prices, offer different services and offer great customer service, but that doesn’t give you the final winning edge when you’re in a field with a lot of competition.

What people really look for, especially in online storefronts, is a business that has a different kind of edge. That brand identity is what differentiates that one dry cleaning business from the other 100 in city, and it can potentially be the key to winning out over their competition.

In a business environment where social selling and customer engagement is all the rage, how brand identity is conveyed online is critical to success. This fully formed digital persona immediately tells people your business’ purpose, the demographic they’re targeting, the tone of the business and how well it jives with their own needs and personality.


Writing SEO Content That’s Unique

While most content you either write or purchase from a content writing service will fall under the umbrella of “unique,” what this title truly dictates is “content specific to your business and your business only.” You can have an article written that’s 100% unique, but it still won’t be specific to your business and your brand unless you ask for it to be that way.

This task is admittedly easier to undertake when you’re doing it yourself, but sometimes you simply don’t have the writing talent and/or the time to do it all yourself. That’s where a content writing service come into play. A useful tip is setting up a brand identity PDF or guidebook. This can be used to give to your marketing team, employees and content writer so they have a better understanding of your brand voice and identity.


How it Helps

This kind of brand identity exposure is very important for a number of reasons:

  • It shows your brand voice to those who find your blog organically via search engines.
  • It keeps your site consistent – no disconnect of voice or tone from your copy to your blog content.
  • Blog content is perhaps your most realistic way of conversing with customers outside of social media, so your business’ tone in your blogging content is very important.


Go back to 99Designs really quick – what do you notice about their brand identity? To sum it up in three words, it’s friendly, helpful and energetic. What three words can sum up your own brand identity? How can you best convey these adjectives via text?

These are the kinds of questions to ask yourself, regardless of whether you’re writing your own content or not. Either absorb these answers or pass them on to a writer with a content writing service to make sure your brand identity will shine through in your unique content.

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