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Digital Main Street was created by the City of Toronto and the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) in 2016 to assists main street businesses in growing their operations through technology with easy to use tools and resources. The program is also supported by Google, Mastercard, Shopify and Microsoft. Providing online tools, connections to trusted digital vendors, structured online learning, in person and online live training, and a a Digital Service Squad who provide one-on-one assistance to businesses grow and manage their operations is also available, Digital Main Street offers a range of ways for businesses to embrace digital transformation virtually. We also have a comprehensive list of case studies showcasing the work that has been done with other businesses, municipalities, BIAs and more.

The Digital Main Street Squad is a team of trained students and/or recent graduates with strong Technology and Digital Marketing skills and experiences that businesses can access to receive free support, training, and consultation. Through the Digital Main Street Squad businesses receive targeted support to get started, grow their digital presence and grow their business.

Please note that the Digital Service Squad – Toronto program is only available to main street businesses in the Toronto area. What is a main street business? A main street business is generally located in a primary retail street or commercially zoned area. Generally speaking, the Digital Service Squad is able to assist businesses that have a physical storefront which customers are able to visit. 

Digital Main Street provides: One-on-one assistance through the Digital Service Squad program to provide your business with free digital transformation consulting and support. This can include but is not limited to:

  • A digital assessment of your business’ digital literacy
  • Access to a free online video-based digital transformation training program
  • Website – review, updating, creation, best practices
  • Social Media – support, best practices, advertising, and more
  • Technology – support and guidance for the best options of technology tools to implement for your business
  • Miscellaneous Digital Transformation Support: loyalty programs, point of sale systems, ecommerce, back-end business operations support (i.e. setting up QuickBooks etc.)


What is Digital Main Street?

What is the Digital Service Squad?



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