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Head office located: Toronto, Ontario, Canada


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With money held in trust during a project, the Bidmii platform has completely eliminated stolen deposits for homeowners, and reduced contractors' accounts receivables by 98%. The best part about the core platform is that it is completely free to use. With a Bidmii Pro paid subscription, contractors get a custom domain name & website that dynamically updates as they complete projects, including before & after photos, as well as ratings and reviews. You'll never update a website ever again!

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I got my first Bidmii job with a customer in Guelph, and it works well. I've been in Toronto with Bidmii, Kitchener. My favourite part about Bidmii is that I don't have to do anything. I get notifications by email and by text message when there is new projects. The way Bidmii pays is awesome. I send a picture, the customer approves that its been done as well and then within a couple of days I get a payment - sometimes its the same day. It's awesome.
Robertson McNaughton
I've tried other systems where I had to pay for leads but it didn't really work out because once you start paying for these $50 leads and you're not landing jobs, it gets a little discouraging vs. Bidmii where I see all the jobs that I want, the jobs are more interesting, and I can bid on them and the customers come back to me vs. me trying to get to them. Every time I get more jobs, and they come on my platform from jobs that are completed, that's just boosting my ratings.
Henry Clarke
My name is Harold, I'm a contractor on Bidmii and I don't pay for leads. I discovered Bidmii from a sign that was in my neighbourhood about a Bidmii job, so I googled it to find out what was going on. Bidmii is an app that is great for contractors. It was easy to sign up and leads are free. I didn't have to pay anything for them. Bidmii has increased my scope of work and my customer base and I've been really busy. I'm really happy with it.
Harold Reesor

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