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Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Newmarket, Ontario, Canada


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AFFORDABLE DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION FOR SMALL BUSINESS Digital Transformation is more than just making a new website. It’s thinking through every aspect of your business and deciding where it makes sense to use digital technology to save time, increase profits, and make life easier for yourself and everyone who does business with you. It’s a big job, but we can help you break it down into manageable chunks that will make it seem (almost) easy!

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Darryl is a great resource for all things technical. He’s not just a good coder – his understanding of web strategy, content creation and management, analytics, social media, online marketing and all the bits and pieces that have to fit together to make a usable whole are top notch. He’s also a great communicator who’s skilled at determining project requirements, explaining in simple terms and getting buy-in from stakeholders with different priorities. I’d hire Darryl again anytime.
Shela Block - Manager, Digital Learning Solutions Programmer @KPMG Canada
If you're looking for a web designer who will create an interactive site. Darryl is it. His web sites are like hiring a full time staff member who works 24 hours a day answers your emails sends out emails contacts clients and answers questions it's amazing what our web site can do. He created The Newmarket International Festival of One Act Plays.
John Dowson - Founder lifeTRUST Planning
I have been Darryl’s client on and off for several years. I always go back to him because he can explain technical concepts to the not technical. He suggests ideas that may benefit my websites, not just blindly do what I ask. He is also very patient, articulate and ethical. But what will matter to most of Darryl’s clients is that he is smart, very smart.
Sabynthe Jones BA CHRL - Manager, Total Rewards, Compensation, Job Evaluation, Pay Equity, Group Benefits, HCM Systems @Pet Valu

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