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Kleurvision Inc.

Years in business: 16 - 29
Head office located: Port Perry, Ontario, Canada


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We are a band of digital misfits working collaboratively to build something cool for our clients. We believe in creating bold brand experiences and delighting the customers of our clients. Our goal is to ensure that digital solutions are entwined into the lifeblood of as many organizations as we can touch, and we do so with both creativity and economics in mind. We were born to be your brand partner. You be Batman, we'll be Alfred.

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Since 2016, Kleurvision Inc. has been the driving engine behind how we approach our online presence, branding and business strategies. They are professional, cutting edge and very down to earth. Highly recommended!
Jody Infurnari, Rue Morgue Magazine
It is not easy to find a team to work with that can identify your company's needs so well. Kleurvision is somehow able to take my rambling ideas, and turn them into reality. They are able to identify needs for us that may have slipped by us, and work with us to elevate the brand. What sets Kleurvision apart is they genuinely care about the brand they are working on, and want to see it succeed as much as you do, which is what creates such a seamless, beneficial partnership.
Kyra Dietsch, Old Flame Brewing Co.
I have just dived into a new role as Brand Manager at a great company and was tasked with directing a good overhaul of our site and logo STAT. Kleurvision was recommended to me, and I am so thrilled with the work they produced - they made me look good at my new job, that's for sure!! The team was super responsive, patient and guided the project while providing professional feedback along the way. I hope to work with the team again and can't recommend them enough!
Valerie Stachurski,

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