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Body and Face Spa Is Achieving Online Success While Helping Customers Achieve Skin Goals
Aide Gonzalez, an esthetician and laser technician is the owner of Body and Face Spa in Guelph, Ontario. After years of working a 9-5 office job Aide decided to take the leap to become an entrepreneur and opened her own business.
Tickled Teals Entertainment twists business model into new shapes with digital transformation
As a kid, Tealia Carriere, owner of Tickled Teals Entertainment in North Bay, habitually fell into the role of family entertainer. “I’m the oldest of six and an army base brat so we moved around a lot, ” says Carriere.
Morriss and Daughters finds its in-person community through social media
Mahshar Fard had no intentions of opening her own business when she stumbled on the location that would eventually house Morriss and Daughters Nail Salon. She’d moved to Windsor from Toronto to be closer to her family at the start of the pandemic and was still getting to know her ...

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