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Beyond the Canvas: The E-Commerce Expansion of Berenson Fine Art
Emilia Ianeva, the founder of Berenson Fine Art, wanted to expand her gallery's reach beyond Toronto. Through the CDAP program, she gained the confidence and resources to showcase her gallery with a new online store.
A Spotless E-Commerce Upgrade with Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning
Jay Akram, owner of Better Choice Restoration and Carpet Cleaning in Mississauga, Ontario, used support from the CDAP program to revitalize their online presence with a new SEO-friendly website!
Eco-Refillary brings old-world apothecary to digital era
Katrina Woods, owner of Eco-Refillary, is on a mission to change the refill shopping process. She received the $2, 500 Digital Transformation Grant and used it to strengthen her online presence.

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