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Taking the Reins: Transitions Encompassing Wellness's Journey to a Stable Online Presence
Transitions – Encompassing Wellness is a wellness facility outside of Tavistock, Ontario, that specializes in using horses as a supportive guide through mindfulness, leadership, and personal growth journeys. When owner, Alisha Wilson, discovered the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) she jumped at the chance to upgrade her website to offer ...
From Farm to Feet: O’Canada Bison Wool Corp is Manufacturing Fibres of the Future
Nathaniel and Susan are motivated by their passion for bison, and the impact they see this fibre and rural businesses like O'Canada Bison Wool, having on their community and the Alberta economy.  
Sara Frances Designs Handcrafts a Digital Presence with CDAP
Scott and Shirley created Sara Frances Designs to produce beautiful hand-made bird houses. To grow their business they needed help. CDAP provided the step their business needs to flourish online

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