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Body and Face Spa Is Achieving Online Success While Helping Customers Achieve Skin Goals

by Jamie Miller   |   April 16, 2024   |   Share this:  

Aide Gonzalez, an esthetician and laser technician is the owner of Body and Face Spa in Guelph, Ontario. After years of working a 9-5 office job Aide decided to take the leap to become an entrepreneur and opened her own business.

Aide Gonzalez, an esthetician and laser technician in Guelph, Ontario spent years working a 9-5 job before becoming an entrepreneur. In 2021 she opened her medical spa “Body and Face Spa”, and is on a mission to “be the leader in health & beauty promotion in Guelph & surrounding areas”. Aide uses a 1-1 approach with her clients, and wants each client to “reach their beauty goals and feel comfortable in their skin.”

As her business began to grow, Aide recognized the need for a website for clients to find her, and book an appointment. As a busy entrepreneur without a background in web development, Aide did as many business owners do and hired a website design company. Aide tried working with three different agencies and was spending more money and time than she anticipated, without results she was happy with. Aide felt none of the websites that were developed for her, worked for her business, and she could not maintain them independently. 

“After expending so much money with three unsuccessful webpages in the past, when I finished (a) contract with the marketing agencies the website was not mine for any reason,” she shares.  

And so on her fourth attempt, Aide decided to take a chance and join the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP). The CDAP program connects small business owners looking to grow their business online with a dedicated  E-Commerce Advisor who can guide them through website development and provide digital marketing support. The program also offers a $2,400 grant to help businesses like Aide take advantage of e-commerce opportunities, like building a brand new website. 

Aide was able to work alongside her E-Commerce Advisor to build a website that mirrored her vision for the Body and Face Spa. They were also able to incorporate appointment booking capabilities for Aide, so now her clients can book directly online. Best of all, Aide can now finally manage her website moving forward.

“Thanks to the (CDAP program) I own my e-commerce page… I can control it myself, navigate, edit and imrpove it with the support (from) my advisors…(and) my business is now growing online!”

Aide now has the skills she needs to run her business online, and can continue to focus on what she does best: offering the best services for her clients. When asked to share her advice to other business owners thinking of joining the program, Aide shares the following: 

“I am very grateful to Digital Main Street for (their) dedication and professionalism. I highly recommend to use CDAP to help to grow your business.”

Check out the website Aide built for Body and Face Spa with the help of CDAP, or book her beauty services here.

To learn more about how the CDAP program can help grow your business online go here. 

About Digital Main Street

Digital Main Street was created by the Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas (TABIA) with direct support from the City of Toronto. DMS is also supported by a group of strategic business partners, including Google, Mastercard, Shopify, Meta, Intuit QuickBooks, Square, Lightspeed, Ebay and Canada Post.

As part of the Canada Digital Adoption Program, the Government of Canada has partnered with Digital Main Street to deliver the Grow Your Business Online grant to small businesses in Ontario. The program offers eligible business owners a micro-grant of up to $2,400 to help with the costs related to implementing an e-commerce strategy and hands-on support from a network of E-commerce Advisors.

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