Future Proofing Film at MotionArc Studios

by NORCAT   |   June 15, 2021   |   Share this:  

MotionArc Studios is a Sudbury-based film studio whose team of storytellers works to create premium video content. Their primary focus is on the mining and industrial sectors, helping them leverage the power of video by capturing impactful and lasting moving images. However, their expertise isn’t limited to these industries, and they use a tailored approach to offer the best creative solutions for any client.


With the overall goal to give back to Northern Ontario’s community and help other businesses grow, MotionArc Studios’ website emphasizes creating locally to compete globally. However, they soon sought another goal: to promote their own business by increasing their online presence. To do so, they enrolled in Digital Main Street’s Future Proof Program and collaborated with a Transformation Team.


Through the Transformation Team initiative, the team assisted MotionArc Studios in further developing their website and overall brand. The latter requested enacting various changes to build their online presence and ultimately obtain more clients. These changes included:


  • Scheduled posts for their social media pages, specifically to target engagement opportunities
  • Written and edited content for their website
  • A branded style guide for use on both digital and print assets
  • A potential online booking system and interactive calendar


The Transformation Team addressed these concerns via a manageable digital marketing strategy with various assets for MotionArc Studios to implement, plus hands-on training and resource guides.


First, the team conducted hashtag research to optimize each social post and organized them by creating accounts on multiple scheduling platforms. Further, they developed a social media strategy and targeted campaign to attract new clients. Based on the success with previous businesses, it is clear that these practices are essential in showing and maintaining brand consistency.


They subsequently conducted keyword research and other search engine optimization guidelines, incorporating their results into MotionArc Studios’ new and existing web copy to maximize web traffic. This research was especially vital for their new blog page, a section that provided additional up-to-date information about their business and another method to generate more clicks.


Other efforts to enhance their digital presence included branding suggestions such as social media templates, email signatures, and relevant stock photos. In addition, the Transformation Team reviewed their initial website to recommend UX/UI improvements and a potential booking software. Still, they provided MotionArc Studios with complete freedom to implement these ideas if they chose.


MotionArc Studios’ Creative Director, Mathieu Seguin, enjoyed the Transformation Team’s creativity and talent. Furthermore, he highlighted the team’s professionalism and quick grasp for meeting MotionArc Studios’ needs to maximize their digital presence.


The Transformation Team’s efforts saw notable changes to MotionArc Studios at the end of their project, including the above-mentioned social media campaign strategy, visual identity guide, and new plus updated written content for their website. With their new designs, templates, and web copy, Seguin credited the Program with lessening the creative aspects of their workload and allowing them to prioritize business operations.


Seguin commended the Future Proof Program and Transformation Team for assisting small businesses while also helping young professionals build their portfolios. He concluded by encouraging other companies to apply as Digital Main Street’s initiative is “a fantastic program where everyone wins.”


Please click here to read about the Transformation Teams and here to learn more about MotionArc Studios.



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