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Kanel kept selling through the unexpected with Lightspeed’s omnichannel solution

by Lightspeed   |   February 23, 2021   |   Share this:  

Kim Wiseman adopted Lightspeed’s omnichannel solution shortly after opening in 2018. She started selling her all-natural, premium spice blends and sea salts everywhere consumers shopped—online, in store and on social media. But when a global pandemic hit, her digital offerings went from an added benefit to an absolute necessity.

Putting the in-store experience online with smart tools

Kanel was selling products in store and online with Lightspeed’s fully integrated solution. But when a global pandemic temporarily closed her kiosks, she turned her full attention to her digital offerings. In-store, Wiseman leveraged the mobility of Lightspeed's iPad POS to offer personalized service to each customer—complete with tastings and cooking tips—and she wanted to reflect this experience online. With Lightspeed’s easy-to-use eCom solution, built-in blogging tools and the ability to connect her online store to major social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Wiseman was able to stay true to her brand online. “These tools are our only way to connect with the clientele because they can’t visit us in-store and see or smell the spices.”

Getting the right solution with Lightspeed

Kanel co-owner Kim Wiseman knew she needed a POS system that could both work in her physical kiosks and support an online store. She was a veteran in the retail industry and understood the importance of omnichannel, but didn’t think it would be possible with an out-of-the-box solution. “Lightspeed proved me wrong,” says Wiseman. “I tested out the demo and I was blown away by its ease of use and intuitiveness on both retail and eCom platforms.”


Connecting with customers in new ways

Wiseman is more connected to her customers than ever before. She’s realized the full scope of what her omnichannel solution can offer and can now reach more shoppers—new and existing—online. Social selling, developing recipes that use their products and sending a personalized note with each order helps Wiseman offer the same great in-store service online. “Our photography and copy are essential building blocks for the online customer experience,” says Wiseman. “We really try to use appetizing photos that will cause people’s mouths to water the second they land on the product page.”


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