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Prescribing A New Digital Strategy For Ensemble Healthcare

by Andrew Bonk   |   June 20, 2023   |   Share this:  

Jan Ooi is the passionate founder of Ensemble Healthcare in Calgary, Alberta. Ensemble Healthcare is a multidisciplinary team of physicians that provide exceptional care and community-building by supporting families during pre-conception, pregnancy, post-partum, and early parenthood. Jan embarked on her digital transformation journey with the support of the Digital Economy Program (DEP) and their dedicated Digital Service Squad (DSS). Through this, Jan improved her clinic's online presence, created an informative website, and implemented an effective digital marketing strategy.

Meet Jan Ooi, owner of Ensemble Healthcare, located in Calgary, Alberta. Ensemble Healthcare is a multidisciplinary clinic consisting of healthcare professionals that help to cover multiple areas of expertise. Since opening its doors in May, Ensemble Healthcare has been dedicated to providing families with comprehensive healthcare and wellness support throughout their journey into parenthood. Jan's and her team’s commitment to delivering exceptional care led her to the Digital Economy Program, where she found the opportunity to enhance her clinic's digital landscape and connect with more potential patients online. 

Enrolling in the Digital Economy Program was a game-changer for Jan and her clinic. With the support of her Digital Service Squad member, she navigated the intricacies of website building, social media strategy, and other essential business profiles.  

“The DSS support was invaluable! They helped me build my website, develop my social media strategy, and set up essential tools like Meta Business suite and Google Business Profile”. 

When creating a website, it was important for Jan to have a place where her clients could book appointments. Our team helped to integrate an online booking tool accompanied by a “Book Now” button so that clients could create their appointments directly from the new website.  

One of the most significant digital hurdles for Jan was understanding website analytics. The guidance she received from the program proved instrumental in overcoming these obstacles. Working with knowledgeable and responsive DSS members was a delight for Jan.  

 “Both of the DSS members that I worked with were very encouraging, responsive, and skilled. They were able to answer all of my questions and provided great, impartial advice.” 

“They walked me through setting up my Google Search Console and understanding website analytics. I can't even imagine how many more hours it would have taken me to figure that out on my own”. 

Now that Jan can access Google Analytics, she can better understand her customer’s behaviour to help her make important business decisions backed by data.  

The Digital Economy Program has positively impacted Ensemble Healthcare's digital journey.

When asked about the program, Jan replied “This support definitely helped my business. We are a very new clinic, and it is crucial to be able to present a polished and informative website to potential patients.”

To fellow small business owners contemplating a digital transformation, Jan offers valuable advice:

“I am so thankful that the program was offered for free. There are so many expenses when starting a new business so it was very nice to not have to stress about hourly fees for this support. Digital marketing is very important for pretty much every business in this day and age, and having a good strategy can really set a company apart from it's competitors.” 


To learn more about Ensemble Healthcare and how they are serving the Calgary community, visit their website here.

To learn more about Digital Main Street and how our Alberta Digital Service Squads can help your business, visit here

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