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Rewriting The Code For Success with Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc.

by Andrew Bonk   |   July 18, 2023   |   Share this:  

Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. is an IT Consulting company owned and operated by Gary Wheeler. They serve the Lethbridge, Alberta area with IT needs ranging from computers, networking solutions, software installations and other hardware integrations. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Gary and his team have the knowledge and expertise to support your business’s IT needs, and claim “If you need I.T – WE ARE IT!”.

Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. was founded by Gary Wheeler in 1993. The idea for the company started soon after Gary bought his own computer, which he remembers breaking so often that he had to learn how to fix it himself. Word spread about Gary’s self-taught expertise, soon leading to others contacting him with their computer-related questions. After a workplace injury, Gary decided to officially start his own business, and thus, Dok-Tor Harddrive was born. When asked about the mission for his business, Gary shared;

“Our mission statement is to provide top quality IT service and support to small businesses and home users without the ‘geek speak’”.

Challenges such as losing long-term clients due to retirement, closures, and the pandemic prompted Gary to seek a fresh new approach. This led Gary and his business to the Digital Economy Program (DEP) to help rejuvenate their presence and regain market traction. When asked about what brought him to the DEP, Gary replied;

“We need to get our name back out there and find a way to bring in new business.”

Working closely with their dedicated Digital Service Squad member, Tina, proved to be an impactful experience for Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. Tina worked alongside Gary’s team to craft social media strategies to help gain traction online and drive new business. This included ideas about what kinds of content to post and how to leverage their social media traffic to help get sponsors for his business. Alongside this support, Tina also provided content suggestions for the Dok-Tor Harddrive website. Gary expressed his gratitude, stating;

“Tina has been very helpful and supportive of all we are trying to do. She has been encouraging and resourceful every step of the way!”.

By empowering small businesses in their digital transformation, the DEP aims to foster long-term success. In reflecting on his experience with the program, Gary shared;

“It has given us a breath of fresh air and helped us understand our downfalls in an ever-changing market. I feel like we are in a better position to help re-market our business and attract new clients in what can seem like a deep sea of challenges!”

Though Dok-Tor Harddrive is still early in its digital transformation journey, Gary and his team have found the support gained through the DEP to be a valuable step in the remarketing of his business. When asked for what advice he has for small business owners looking to transform their business digital landscape, Gary advised;

 “Do your research and don't let yourself lag behind on your marketing and online presence. Reach out for help when you need it!”.

To learn more about Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. and how Gary and his team are serving the Lethbridge area, visit their website here.

To learn more about Digital Main Street and how our Alberta Digital Service Squads can help your business, visit here

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