Toronto-based Goldsmith Learns the Art of Online Marketing 

by Digital Main Street   |   April 19, 2021   |   Share this:  

The world is full of talented artists and creators, and it has been very rewarding for the DMS Transformation Teams to be able to help members of this community digitally elevate their brands. One team had the pleasure of working with the artist-run Toronto-based company JewelustJewelust is run by Amanda Henderson, a local goldsmith and jewellery designer, who creates beautiful handmade jewellery from recycled gold and silver. Amanda’s business model was based on in-person sales through various local markets – but COVID-19 left her unable to continue this way. The DMS transformation team that Amanda paired up with helped her pivot digitally. In particular, the team taught Amanda how to run Facebook campaigns, as well as assess and improve her website.  


Paid online advertising is one of the most daunting tasks for small businesses. It is risky to invest what small budgets are available when there is a lack of experience. The DMS teams want to help create campaigns, but also teach and train the clients on the process so they have those tools for life. 


“It was an empowering experience. I now feel better prepared to run my own marketing campaigns, which means I don't have to pay a marketing company to do it for me. This is a valuable skill for any small business owner!” When it came to online advertising the team broke the process down into ‘creation’ and ‘execution’. The graphic designer and copywriter helped to create examples of ads, along with tips for why this works. The images and copy provided work as a framework for future ads, and inspiration for new ideas. 


The team’s digital marketer then walked Amanda through the process of executing a Facebook campaign: honing in on the target market by selecting the right keywords, setting budgets and formatting the ads. Additionally, Amanda was shown how to measure success and adjust her campaign accordingly.  “I feel more confident in running ads on Facebook and Instagram, as well I have a better understanding of how to read the data to make better choices about running ads, and my marketing content.” 


The team also wanted to ensure that Amanda’s website was in tip-top shape. It’s important when a small business advertises, that the customer will be brought back to a website that is professional and appealing. The UX team reviewed and recommended some changes to her existing site to improve its overall appearance and usability. This included back end optimization for each of her pages. This means implementing SEO into each page’s meta descriptions, tags, titles, and images. 


“It was very helpful to learn things that I have been struggling to find answers to myself, and to learn from people that have knowledge and experience that I don't.  Plus, as we were approaching the holiday shopping season, it was so helpful to have a team helping me to get things done quickly.” 


Working with Jewelust was a great experience for both the team and the client. Being able to connect with people in the community, and to help to improve their digital marketing during the pandemic is integral for the success of small businesses. Amanda was able to get a deeper understanding of website optimization, and gained the confidence to create and run her own advertising needs.  


“Everyone was friendly and knowledgeable! The team created a detailed plan based on my needs, and we accomplished everything we set out to!” 


To learn more about the Future Proof Program, click here. To browse the Jewelust website, click here.  


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