Digital Main Street Lab

Digital Main Street helps match retail innovation/tech startups to BIAs in Toronto to create pilot opportunities at the community scale.

What? The model for the Digital Main Street Lab is quite simple – our team will help build a partnership between a startup and a BIA to pilot a technology in the neighbourhood.

Why? This can help the startup test their product/service and gain traction with a main street business audience. This also gives the BIA/business members a first-adopter advantage by gaining access to the latest innovation that can help their business grow at low or no cost.

How? For a 6-12 month period, a startup will be partnered with a BIA in Toronto. The startup should have a product that is market-ready, but requires penetration with a main street business audience to grow/scale.

DMS can work with the BIA to determine the best engagement method with the startup.


Case Studies


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