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Simplifying Botanical Skincare and e-Commerce: Chez Sylvie Naturals’ Digital Transformation

by Amal Khurram   |   July 05, 2023   |   Share this:  

Located in Guelph, Ontario, Sylvia Sylvia identified a major gap in the skincare market. Sylvia, in her journey to find plant-based anti-aging skincare, noticed that almost every solution she found required multiple layers and procedures to get a desired effect.  

“This approach means as a customer I need to purchase many products and my skincare routine becomes time consuming with the layering. I knew there was a better way to approach skincare. So, I began researching and studying to learn everything I could.” 

After working with some cosmetic manufacturers, Sylvia found the perfect botanical solutions for her products and business. The formulas discovered in this process offer important anti-aging benefits but in a single formula concept. And so, Chez Sylvie Naturals was established. Sylvia had found the solution to this consumer pain point, and now it was time to focus on a business pain point: establishing an online presence. This is when Sylvia began her journey with the ShopHERE powered by Google program. 

Sylvia believes in her product and knows the unique value it brings to botanical skincare. In order to be a part of the skincare community, Sylvia explored options to build her online presence through a professional website. After exploring some alternate avenues for website development, and none of them clicking Sylvia found that the ShopHERE program answered many of her calls.  

The ShopHere Program powered by Google helps build and launch online stores for independent small businesses and artists at no cost to them, helping them reach local and global customers. Program participants receive 1:1 support from an e-Commerce Coordinator including training in website management, digital marketing, shipping, inventory management, and much more. 

“I believe it is an excellent program for small businesses like me. Small businesses need to be online and a professional website is mandatory. The ShopHere Program has helped me to learn and create a Professional website. I am proud and happy to recommend Shop HERE Program to anyone; especially Small Business Owners.” 

Sylvia takes pride in her thoughtfully curated collection, but also recognizes that skincare is something that may be difficult to navigate for many people, as it was for herself. Through ShopHERE, Sylvia learned about valuable digital marketing strategies to reach clients at different stages in their shopping journey. She had a wealth of knowledge about botanical skincare, and sharing this was a way to reach people in a more meaningful way. In working with her e-Commerce Coordinator, Sylvia was able to develop a shopping experience that integrated learning while potential customers peruse the website.  

“My Goal for my store is to provide a shopping experience that you enjoy. I want my customers to learn about Botanical skincare, so I have included many Blog posts. I will continue to Post Blog posts offering sound knowledge.” 

Beyond just establishing the website, Sylvia appreciated the additional support she received from the ShopHERE team to have a successful online presence. Sylvia’s dedicated e-Commerce Coordinator ensured that she left the program with a full understanding of how to operate her Shopify store and maintain it. Sylvia also benefitted from curated education surrounding digital marketing and analytics, which empowered her to drive digital marketing strategy.  

“[The e-Commerce Coordinator] listened to my ideas and plans for the store. She applied her skills to assist me. She loaned her knowledge of how to do things and why other ideas wouldn't work. [the e-Commerce Coordinator] is extremely knowledgeable so she helped me so much. I am hearing impaired so she demonstrated much patience. She also kept me on schedule to get things done. It was a wonderful learning experience for me.”

Upon exiting the ShopHERE program, Sylvia has a professional website, and a host of knowledge to build out her strategy and expand the reach of her store. Sylvia reflects on how the implementation of her learning has impacted her understanding of how to run a successful online storefront for her business: 

“It is critical to have a Professional website that is SEO optimized. It is also equally important to offer a good experience for those who land on your site. Google Analytics can help provide feedback to show stats to help us learn what the traffic is doing upon landing. With good data we can make changes if needed and learn areas that we are doing well with […] I learned how to research for long tail keywords. Now I am learning more about Digital Marketing and a YouTube channel is my next Project.” 

To connect with Chez Sylvie Naturals, visit their website. To learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google Program, please visit here. 

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