Artist Goes International With Help Of The ShopHERE Program 

by Sara Reynolds Sara Reynolds   |   September 02, 2020   |   Share this:  

Culture Fresh was founded out of a passion for design and painting vibrant colored graphic artwork. 42 years ago Trevor Dawkins, artist and owner of Culture Fresh, began creating his unique and colourful paintings. The vision for Dawkins' art grew over the years becoming increasingly stronger, and motivated him to start Culture Fresh. His creative journey began in Kitchener, Ontario and has now expanded into its own clothing line and unique vibrant artwork available in Canada and internationally. 

Dawkins says his art “represents diverse people and their cultures, through his colourful and artistic expressions.”

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Culture Fresh
Culture Fresh owner Trevor Dawkins

Dawkins has had his pieces featured in major exhibitions including Mercer Union Gallery from March to April in 1991. Culture Fresh has a mission to bring positive inspiration to Canadian and International communities, by working to create art that uplifts people. With the help of the ShopHERE Powered by Google Program, Culture Fresh has had the ability to grow as a business. 

“We are excited to bring our unique vibrant graphic paintings and new clothing line to the public via Shopify.”

The program has now given Culture Fresh customers both local and international the confidence to purchase products online in a safe and supported environment. As an artist and business owner Dawkins believes that the ShopHERE Program has helped to give small business owners access to the tools and support they need to grow and thrive during the COVID-19 pandemic. Dawkins says that the effects of this initiative will help small businesses in Canada continue to recover and grow for years to come after the pandemic is over.

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Culture Fresh
A Culture Fresh original

He also notes that he feels blessed to have been given the opportunity to be a part of this program, and that it was a great benefit to be able to work as part of a multilayered team alongside ShopHERE, Digital Main Street, Google, Shopify and all the other partners of the program. When reflecting on his experience he says that it has been a very educational, informative continuous learning experience. The hands-on approach with building his website with the assistance of the ShopHERE Helper allowed him to be involved and learn the skills needed to successfully set up and run his business in the future. 

The ShopHERE Program run by Digital Main Street is partnered with Google, Shopify, Mastercard and Microsoft to help build and optimize online stores for small independent businesses and artists. ShopHERE is committed to building thousands of free stores for small businesses, and is providing a quick, easy and no-cost way to get selling online right away! 

It’s important now than ever to support local small businesses. If you or someone you know has a small business looking for assistance in building a professional e-commerce website apply for the ShopHERE Program now. Make sure to take view Culture Fresh unique artwork and clothing at  the new Shopify website

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