Success Stories

Amidst a growing call for digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, the ShopHERE program has supported businesses and artists across Ontario with their very own online stores. Find some of our graduate success stories below and see how we help participants succeed online. Learn more about the program here.

Mississauga Musician Finds Healing Through His Music

An artist collective Humble & Hungry, a platform for budding artists to showcase their passion for music, is also a space where owner Mehmi shares his knowledge of overcoming and dealing with life’s many challenges, primarily through music.

by Ali ZafarAli Zafar September 18, 2020
How Bahaar Fashions Became an Online Studio With ShopHERE 

Business owner Rosie sources her products directly from India by connecting with local female business owners. Rosie supports local businesswomen and provides them with their first orders. You can find them on her new ShopHERE Shopify store.

by Kristina AdelKristina Adel September 18, 2020
A Collection You’ll Want To Get Your Paws On

Snoots and Paws offers a carefully curated collection of everything from treats to costumes, which have been tested and researched to ensure your pup gets the very best. Now available to paw-rents all across Canada, through her Shopify store.

by Dominik SkrzypekDominik Skrzypek September 18, 2020
Behind The Business: Where Creativity And Culture Combine

The Institute for Creative Exchange wanted to start an online store to make some of their artists’ award-winning photography works available to the public at affordable prices. It's now up and running thanks to their ShopHERE Helper!

by Alexandra JonesAlexandra Jones September 10, 2020
The Journey Of An Entrepreneur

On Margaret's new online store, customers can find anything from clothing and accessories, to kitchen utensils and home decor. She is excited for all of the new possibilities of e-commerce, and feels as though a "weight has been lifted."

by Kristina AdelKristina Adel September 08, 2020
The ShopHERE Program, A "Life Saver For Entrepreneurs"

Cleaning Matters offers subscription cleaning packages to suit all of their clients' needs at affordable rates. Now they're able to have a professional e-commerce website to connect to a larger audience, with the help of Shopify!

by Morgan BakerMorgan Baker September 03, 2020
"I Can Focus On My Painting And The Website Does Everything Else"

Keight MacLean is an artist who is influenced by studying the Old Masters, and even traveled to Italy to learn more first hand. Now she's back in Toronto and ready to sell her pieces on an e-commerce website made with ShopHERE and Shopify.

by Kristina AdelKristina Adel September 02, 2020
Artist Goes International With Help Of The ShopHERE Program 

Trevor Dawkins, artist and owner of Culture Fresh, is now able to sell his art pieces and new clothing line online with his Shopify e-commerce store.

by Sara ReynoldsSara Reynolds September 02, 2020
Breathing New Life Into Old Items 

Toronto-based artist creates something new out of something old. Ange Beever’s love of art is now showcased in her latest business endeavour, BVR ART, an e-commerce website dedicated to her absurdist-style creations.

by Ali ZafarAli Zafar September 02, 2020

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