Success Stories

Amidst a growing call for digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, the ShopHERE program has supported businesses and artists across Ontario with their very own online stores. Find some of our graduate success stories below and see how we help participants succeed online. Learn more about the program here.

Organic Beauty Trailblazer Forges A Digital Path

Courbet Beauty Culture is an expansion of Monique's spa and hair studio, retailing all Canadian, organic and vegan beauty products. She now has an online store to distribute these items to a much larger audience, with Shopify!

by Sarah CresswellSarah Cresswell January 19, 2021
Adapting To Provide Insurance Coverage Online

With the help of the ShopHERE Program, Insurance Toronto gained an online platform to continue providing coverage to those who need insurance. Operating for over 20 years, Gerry Avram and his team provide affordable insurance from top carriers. 

by Julia OverJulia Over December 17, 2020
Creating Art For The Senses

With the inevitable cancellation of in person events, artist Prada needed an effective way for The Prada Gallery to have a strong online presence, while still maintaining her brand. She now has this with an new ecommerce website on Shopify!

by Ekua SekyereEkua Sekyere November 30, 2020
The eCommerce World Welcomes A New Queen Bee

The Queens Beeswax works to provide customers with all-natural beeswax candles that are ethically sourced and kind to the earth. They also promote healthy living and are committed to providing non-toxic and eco-friendly products, now found online!

by Sara ReynoldsSara Reynolds November 25, 2020
Toronto Designer Bringing Luxury To Your Life

Karn Goode is bringing a little bit of luxury into your daily life with her luxury silk face scarves. You can find her products on her new Shopify store, set up with the ShopHERE Program.

by Julia OverJulia Over November 06, 2020
Turn Your Daily Routines into Luxurious Moments

Sustainable products that use hand-selected plant-based and natural ingredients is the basis for the new online business Caley-Beth. With her Shopify e-commerce website, Caley is able to reach a wider audience, and promote her beauty products.

by Menna ShawkyMenna Shawky October 23, 2020
Toronto-Based Accessibility Innovation Goes International is an accessibility innovation company that focuses on improving quality of life through smart, ergonomic, user-centric solutions. They are now able to sell their products online with their new Shopify e-commerce store!

by Ashika VermaAshika Verma October 09, 2020
A World Class Performer Is Closer Than Ever Before

From performing for the Raptors’ halftime shows, the CNE, IBM commercials, and with the actor Jackie Chan’s stunt team, Brant the FireGuy is bringing his shows right to your driveway with his new website.

by Jane ChoJane Cho October 08, 2020
Staying True To Your Roots

Protein cookies that taste as good as they are for you, now online with the help of ShopHERE Powered by Google Program. The digital transformation lets True Nutritionals showcase their products to a large online community of like-minded consumers.

by Sara ReynoldsSara Reynolds October 05, 2020

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