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How A Common Inconvenience Led To A Business – Dr. Ward’s All Natural Fresh Mist

by Rommana Khan   |   March 08, 2023   |   Share this:  

Dr. Ward’s Fresh Mist is a small business based out of Kitchener, Ontario that believes in using natural products to improve the smells around us. Available on their website, Dr. Ward’s products allow people to deodorize their rooms, bodies, and household items naturally without the use of harsh chemicals.

The origin story behind this brand is one that many can relate to; during the COVID-19 pandemic, Cindy Ward grew tired of having a stinky, humid face mask. While prioritizing safe practices during COVID-19, Cindy heard many people complain about the feeling of smelling their own breath all day, getting mask acne, or being claustrophobic. With this, an idea struck her to use essential oils to create an all-natural and non-toxic face mask mist.

“I was determined to find an awesome solution to my stinky mask problem! And in 2020, it gave me something meaningful to do during the pandemic”


With a strong passion for natural and healthy ingredients, Cindy began her garage-based production in Kitchener, Ontario. Fast forward, Dr. Ward’s Fresh Mist has now evolved into a business for all natural antiseptic household mists, consisting of mask, room, and body mists, all derived from plant based essential oils!


As demand continued to rise, Cindy needed to step up her business and make it easy for people to find her brand and purchase her products. With the help of the ShopHERE powered by Google program, Cindy was able to create a Shopify website, showcasing her products with secure checkout options.

The ShopHERE program at Digital Main Street helps businesses like Cindy’s create an online digital presence through help with building a new eCommerce website, and tools to support with digital marketing. Cindy believes she has been able to focus on developing a solid business plan after joining this program, and her website allowed her to strengthen her overall branding.

“I think that novice new business owners would get a tremendous amount of help from the courses. The online store part was the best part. I knew how to make Wix and GoDaddy pages, but I'd never set up a checkout-based service. I think that using platforms like Shopify and getting a ShopHERE person to help me navigate that process really helped me get over the fear of making an actual online store.”

To learn more about the creative process behind Cindy’s products and check out her wide range of mists, visit their website here. As mentioned by Cindy herself, “the ShopHERE program is a fantastic way to get small businesses out into the world”. If you’re a business looking to establish their digital presence, be sure to read more about the program here.

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