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Skin Care Made Easy To Heal Mind, Body & Soul

by Michelle Foster   |   January 12, 2022   |   Share this:  

Mekisha created her own products for most of her life to treat her skin conditions because she couldn’t stand buying prescriptions month after month costing  hundreds of dollars. She slowly started researching how to heal her skin through alternative methods, which later she started creating products for family members, close friends and other acquaintances. This led her to enrolling into college for Advanced Aesthetics and Medical Aesthetics where she truly discovered her passion for healing skin and teaching others to do the same. 

Having an extensive background within the beauty industry as an instructor for over a decade and working as a licensed Medical Aesthetician and Nail Technician for over 15+ years allowed her to see the demands of both the consumer and the industry professional.

“The main concern customers had about other products they were using was the need for better quality and price. They were looking for something that contained only organic ingredients, because of allergies, dryness, and lack luster skin.”

Mekisha launched her company in 2017, EVERBELLA. EVER – being partial of her middle name and  BELLA – being partial of her daughters first name, hence EVERBELLA, Forever Beautiful. 

EVERBELLA , is a naturally sourced holistic body care line. They source all of their ingredients from fair trade, eco-friendly suppliers that also care about protecting Earth’s natural resources.Their mission and intention with our products is to heal, love and nurture the body using simple ingredients and uplifting methods. 

“We want to build a community that empowers people, we want to assist in healing people's skin without the use of drugs and artificial material. We want to use Earth's natural healing abilities.” 

Mekisha previously had a website but was looking for a fresh new look on a user friendly platform. After being educated on the various platforms that the ShopHERE powered by Google program offers, she made the switch to Shopify. Now reflecting on her decision, she is beyond satisfied with her experience thus far and is very happy she made the switch! “Overall compared to another platform that I was previously using, this is a piece of cake.”

EVERBELLA’S new website displays their range of products including hydrating body butters, 2-in-1 sugar scrubs, thick and creamy lotions, low foam body washes, revitalizing body oils, and protective healing cuticle and lip balms. 

“Working with DMS allowed me to free up my time to work on my business. The process was very easy, especially since I already had an existing site. So it was a matter of replicating the content. However, the eCommerce Coordinator that worked with me, understood her tools and the Shopify platform which made the process very quick. She replicated the site and made it look even better! I'm so impressed with the elegance she captured, the little details to make it more appealing and up to date, and she also added in the ideas to the site which made me switch to Shopify in the first place.”

The ShopHERE Program has allowed Mekisha to spend less time worrying about her store comprehension, compatibility and functioning to more time being creative and innovative for her business.

“The excitement having my dreams come to fruition, but also the heart pounds of moving onto the next thing. You are never standing still, and if you are it's because you are taking the time to contemplate your next move. The biggest opportunity is actually doing the work to implement the things you have learned over the last weeks or months. Hearing it, reading it, planning it is one thing, but actually doing it is another! You must follow through and execute the plan!”

The ShopHERE Program is partnered with key corporate partners to help build and optimize online stores for small businesses and artists. The ShopHERE Program is providing a no-cost way to help businesses adapt to the eCommerce climate. It is important now more than ever to support local small businesses. If you or someone you know has a small business looking for assistance in building a professional eCommerce website, apply for the ShopHERE program now! 

EVERBELLA is there to satisfy your body needs with every purchase. To get your hands on skin care that is specifically curated for your skin visit To learn more about the ShopHERE Powered by Google Program, please click here.


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