A World Class Performer Is Closer Than Ever Before

by Jane Cho   |   October 08, 2020   |   Share this:  

“I’m Brant the FireGuy and I inspire with fire,” begins the enthusiastic live performer, whose experience spans from performing for the Raptors’ halftime shows, the CNE, IBM commercials, and with the actor Jackie Chan’s stunt team. Brant has had to invent new ways to connect with his audience since the COVID-19 enforced quarantine. With the help of the ShopHERE Powered By Google program, his new performance method of the Driveway Circus has made the world-class performer more accessible to his audience than ever before. 

Brant’s journey began as a fire juggler in Montreal’s nightclubs and main streets. Settling in Toronto, the FireGuy created a Skateboard Circus show that travelled the world for 10 years. In 2018, Brant went on to break the Guinness World Record in Fire Eating, extinguishing 101 torches in just 60 seconds. The charismatic entertainer has been providing the world with fascinating live performances through the years. 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Fire Guy

The past few months for Brant as a live performer has been shocking. “I lost all my work and had to rebuild so much,” he comments. In his efforts to persist, Brant arrived at the ShopHERE Program. Brant now has an online store that he developed with the help of Nabeel, his eCommerce coordinator, who guided him through the steps of integrating it into his WordPress site. “I could fill a book on Nabeel’s patience and guidance. He was never late and even called me when our Zoom went down,” says Brant. “I enjoyed meeting him and I wish him the best. He’s sure to achieve great things. He was also empathetic to my lack of knowledge on the e-commerce subject.” The live performer found the process of setting up his online store to be fun and interesting.

“I’m still in a bit of amazement that I’ve made this move. It just would not have happened without your help.”

The FireGuy adds that he really enjoyed the program and highly recommends it, expressing his excitement for his online store that allows for audiences to book shows straight from the website. “The opportunity to connect is bigger than ever” 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Fire Guy

Through his new website, audiences can now order the FireGuy to deliver his spectacular shows directly to their driveways. You can find new joys through a night of celebration with the FireGuy, whether it be for a quarantined birthday, an anniversary celebration, or just a Friday night that you want to set ablaze. Brant’s Driveway Circus shows are accessible now to enjoy online through Zoom video calls as well. The seasoned performer is producing videos as a means to reach entertainment-seekers online. The fiery entertainer is optimistic about the trajectory of the world of entertainment. Through his new medium, Brant is now building an online following and delivering value as he always has through his art. His advice to business owners and artists through the digitization era is to “adapt, invent, be productive, and learn.” 

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, Fire Guy

For artists and business owners who are fired up to follow Brant’s footsteps in feeding a forward-moving momentum through COVID-19, ShopHERE is here to help. And when you are in search of inspiration to feed your inner fire, book the FireGuy here

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