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Katina K Salon: 23 Years of Glamour experience —Now Sparkling Online!

by Jessica Maestre   |   March 22, 2024   |   Share this:  

Katina Kavadas's mission extends beyond crafting beautiful hairstyles; it's about creating a legacy of hard work, dedication, and pursuing dreams at her salon, Katina K Salon. Having grown up in a family immersed in the salon business, Katina deeply understands the significance of cherishing each client and delivering exceptional service. Her motivation stems from being a role model for her two children, illustrating that success is achievable through passion and commitment. 

“Working in my family salon business has taught me about cherishing each client and how important providing good service is, while seeing how impactful our work was on making each client look and feel good.”    

Before joining the ShopHERE powered by Google program, Katina faced challenges showcasing her salon's products online and wanted an online presence to enhance her business and marketing strategies. The absence of an online solution for the hair and beauty products she sells prompted her to seek a solution, ultimately leading her to embrace the ShopHERE powered by Google program.  

The ShopHERE program played a pivotal role in Katina K Salon's digital journey, transforming initial challenges into opportunities for growth. The program, designed to assist businesses in establishing and enhancing their online presence, resonated deeply with Katina Kavadas as she navigated the unfamiliar terrain of e-commerce. Acknowledging the initial sense of overwhelm, Katina highlights the pivotal role played by her dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator, who not only demonstrated immense patience but also offered professional guidance, making the process comprehensible and manageable.  

“It provided me the direction I needed to help get my website set up and online store to hopefully continue growing my salon.” 

The steps undertaken in the ShopHERE process were instrumental in shaping Katina K Salon's digital success story. Katina's E-Commerce Coordinator laid the foundations of the salon's online business. From advising on strategic decisions to aiding in the creation and configuration of the online store, the coordinator provided comprehensive support.

“I was taught how to build the store with Square, (the) system I have been using for running my salon and it is nice how it all works together to make the shopping experience for the customer easy.”

The impact of the ShopHERE program on Katina K Salon's business is evident in its ability to address the business’s initial pain points. The program empowered Katina to build her business by overcoming the challenge of showcasing products online. The newfound digital visibility allowed for online bookings and product orders, addressing Katina’s marketing and business improvement goals. Beyond tangible gains, Katina acknowledges the invaluable lesson learned – the profound impact of making a business digitally available. She emphasizes the transformative effect on the customer service experience, noting how it simplifies clients' ability to book appointments or purchase products with ease, fundamentally altering the scope of what her business can achieve. 

“[The ShopHERE program] has improved my marketing in the sense that I can now provide a link for the hair and beauty products I promote in the salon allowing people to buy directly.” 

In conclusion, the ShopHERE program not only facilitated the digital evolution of Katina K Salon but also empowered Katina Kavadas to recognize the enduring value of a digitally accessible business. The program's comprehensive support, coupled with Katina's determination, has resulted in a thriving online presence that has significantly enriched the salon's customer service and overall business experience.  

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