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Let's Go Fishing: Sharing the Joy of Fishing with Our Youth

by Michelle Foster   |   June 22, 2022   |   Share this:  

Grampy’s Tackle Box is a new venture for Marc (Grampy) and his better half Leeann (Nanny). With a little push from their children and grandchildren, the duo has decided to undertake this new venture in their life to share their love of the outdoors with the fishing community, their family, and friends.  

Marc has had the opportunity to fish in many places across Canada and around the world. From guiding in north Quebec, Salmon fishing in Nova Scotia and Ontario. Marc also had the opportunity to fish all the way in Norway, Florida, and many other additional places. In November 2020, Marc retired from the Military, in Edmonton after serving more than 39 years in the Navy.  

The goal at Grampy’s Tackle Box is to produce high-quality custom-made, hand-poured baits not normally found in big box stores. They strive to provide you with a variety of unique colours and shapes to attract various species of fish. As well some of their Softbaits are scented to help trigger feeding and aggression no matter what species you are angling for. 

Marc worked with ShopHERE powered by Google program's eCommerce Coordinator Meena who Marc says went above and beyond their expectations. Meena took the time to listen to their business needs and made recommendations for the development of their amazing website. Marc says,

“…he could not be happier with the results.” 

Marc says the ShopHERE experience was an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Their Coordinator made the journey clear and easy to navigate through each step, providing the time to explain and recommend certain features and also providing a wealth of references, links, and videos to complement what was necessary at the time. 

When asked if Marc enjoyed the program he said,

“…this is an amazing program that every small business should take advantage of. It provides the business with a good starting point for advertising your business and selling your product online. Furthermore, it provides the business owner with the knowledge and basic tools to grow and improve the site as the business grows, since they take the time to teach you how to use your online platform. I highly recommend this program to anyone.” 

When Marc applied to the ShopHERE Program as a business owner, his biggest hope was that his new online presence would provide him with the ability to promote both his business and his products to a greater audience.  

Since launching their online store through ShopHERE, Marc feels very confident about marketing his online store and that he was given all of the tools necessary along with supportive information and links for future use to keep expanding and growing his audience as he sees fit. 

When asked about what advice Marc would give to another fellow small business who is looking to navigate and expand their online presence it would be to take this opportunity with the ShopHERE Program to learn how to sell online and market your business and product, because you won’t regret it. It’s time well spent as a business owner. 

“Other businesses should take advantage of this program as it provides the basic building blocks of setting up an online presence and more importantly setting up an online store.” 

Are you going fishing this summer and need to stack up on supplies? Visit Grampy’s Tackle Box to purchase handmade custom soft baits and support a small business. Purchase today and learn more by visiting To learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google program, please click here.  

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