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Painting a Digital Canvas: An Interview with Magnolianna Art

by Sebastian Chow   |   August 09, 2023   |   Share this:  

Tell us about your business and what you would like us to share. 

Magnolianna Art has been showcasing Anna K. Hodsdon’s vision of the magical and timeless elements of nature for years- yet, the canvas needed a stroke of modernity. They lacked a website to help customers connect with Anna’s timeless equine portraits. 

With the help of the ShopHERE powered by Google program, Magnolianna Art developed a platform to display their products throughout the digital landscape. 

“I’ve been an artist my entire life. My website is a culmination of nearly ten years of creating art. It’s a place where my hard work is showcased and where my fans can easily navigate through and make a purchase.”


What brought you to the ShopHERE program? Did you see any opportunities or have any business challenges that inspired you to participate in the program. 

Hodsdon shared that while she was eager to get to her business to the next level, she needed a helping hand when it came to developing an online store. Hodson shared that she didn’t have the skills to build a shop on my her own without advice.

What was it like working with your dedicated e-Commerce Coordinator?  

The business owner initially struggled with the task of establishing an online storefront. But, Anna said she found great value in her ShopHERE Coordinator’s assistance with “technical aspects and setting up shipping” of her various designs. She share this about working with her e-Commerce coordinator 

“My coordinator was very kind and listened to and addressed all my concerns. The technical stuff confused me, but my coordinator was right there to support me when I needed help.” 

Anna was thrilled at how easy the process became, and with how her coordinator helped to ease her business’s digital transformation and, with the website finalized, increase traffic.  

Do you have any advice for other small businesses or artists looking to navigate eCommerce and digital marketing? 

Anna advises other small businesses to:

“Ask for help when you need it!”

Anna praised the guidance and candor of her ShopHERE coordinator, who was knowledgeable and patient in providing the many resources of the ShopHERE program; which include helping business owners create, configure, and manage their online stores, providing support to get their online store live, and help with marketing the store. 

“It’s absolutely amazing. It has been an incredible blessing in my life and career. It’s everything I’ve ever wanted.” 


What has changed for you since getting your online store set up? How has your new online store helped your business?  

With their website completed, Magnolianna Art could focus on their craft instead of being troubled by the means of distribution. 

“I’m slowly getting more sales and my engagement on social media has increased. My art is more accessible to buyers.” 

As an artist, Anna knew the value of a clean and professional display. 

“There’s no better way to get taken seriously by customers than having a professional presence” 


How was your experience with the ShopHERE program? 

When asked to rate her experience with the ShopHERE powered by Google program, she selected a 5/5. Magnolianna Art is now live and running, already moving Hodsdon’s work out to inspire others. 

“Seeing the completed website makes me appreciate the full picture in a more profound way. All the self doubt and relentless work to improve is right there on those pages.” 

To witness natural majesty through the brush of Anna K. Hodsdon, visit her website here. If you're aiming to expand your business and achieve success in the online realm, make sure to explore the ShopHERE program powered by Google by clicking here

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