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Art Without Borders: Marvin Colebrooke's Journey

by Heather Hackett   |   March 20, 2024   |   Share this:  

MDC Art located in Cambridge, Ontario, is an art business providing affordable artwork and high-quality designs inspired by the owner, Martin Colebrooke's Bahamian culture and Canadian experiences.  As a refugee in Canada, Marvin has encountered challenges while seeking better opportunities for himself as an artist. He reached out to ShopHERE for assistance in creating a website and amplifying his online presence. 

“I came to Canada as a refugee with very little to my name. I have suffered loss and setbacks, including the loss of my mom. My dream was to come here to seek better opportunities for myself as an artist, and now I am able to realize this dream of selling my artwork and creating a career for myself and security for my family through the assistance of ShopHERE.” 

The ShopHERE program connects small businesses, such as MDC Art, with a dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator who provides complimentary website development and training. This empowering program not only ensures that business owners can confidently navigate their online platforms, but also extends support in digital marketing and training in shipping and inventory management.  

Although he was initially overwhelmed by the prospect of building a website, Marvin found the process smooth and easy with the assistance of his E-Commerce Coordinator. Reflecting on the experience, he noted, 

 “The E-Commerce Coordinator was amazing in her efforts to instruct and assist me. She was always informative and pleasant to interact with.”  

With the successful launch of his new website, Marvin has turned his dream of selling artwork online into a reality, revealing his creations to the vast world of e-commerce. He emphasizes the transformative impact of the ShopHERE program, describing it as: 

“(Digital Main Street is) an amazing entity that will help entrepreneurs establish a viable and thriving business for themselves and open the connections to an online presence and worldwide exposure.”

Following Marvin's participation in the ShopHERE program, he now possesses the confidence to oversee his website effectively and has acquired valuable insights to navigate his digital journey. Marvin advocates for fellow businesses to leverage the ShopHERE program to establish a robust online presence, enhance their customer base, and ultimately boost sales.  

Reflecting on his experience, Marvin acknowledges the significant role of the dedicated assistance provided by the E-Commerce Coordinator and the beneficial resources offered through ShopHERE, which have been instrumental in shaping his business management skills. 

Learn more about Marvin Colebrooke’s Art by visiting their website and social media page (Instagram). 

To learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google program, please visit here.  

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