The Soul Painter is in Town

by Tania Sharmin   |   September 20, 2021   |   Share this:  

Based in Northwestern Ontario, Melissa, owner of Melissa Jean Art, transports the viewer to the lake on a warm summer evening. Her paintings evoke many feelings in the viewers and brings them to many different places, like canoeing on calm waters, walking along the beach and skipping stones, and the warmth of a campfire on a starry night. 


Inspiration can happen from anywhere for an artist, and for Melissa it is in Treaty 3 Territory, Kenora, Ontario. In her artworks, memories and mystic moments are captured in textured paint and life-like colors on canvas. 

“I’m an artist who developed roots in a place that drew soul to it. ” 

Melissa is a painter by heart, she sees the world as a wealth of inspiration from all around her. She was obsessed with painting and art from a very young age. Melissa lost her vision in her left eye and consequently, her depth of perception. This traumatic experience could not keep her away from her passion. She started to use her hyper-aware senses to find clues in light and shadows.

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Melissa’s artwork encompasses the blissful nature of Northern Ontario. The beauty of this nature is her motivation to open her studio door every day. The sense of acute adventure she experiences, through her paint and brush, gives her purpose. Melissa is a curious person by nature, she adores and watches with wonder. She takes pride in witnessing the change of seasons and sunsets over the lake, with Canadian Shield and boreal forest around her.

Due to COVID-19, not many people were able to visit her in her studio in Kenora, and she thought it would be a good time to take her art digital. That’s when she signed up for ShopHERE Program Powered By Google. Melissa knew she needed an interactive website that reflects her art and personality to reach her client base. During her journey with the ShopHERE Program, Melissa learned all about her digital store with the help of her Coordinator, and she speaks very highly of her experience.

“It’s shifted my focus to working directly with collectors in finding what they want and creating the storefront in my website as well as my studio.”

Since Melissa’s art has spread its wings and is now being showcased to the world. Her works have been highly praised. She has been featured as the “Face of Northern Ontario” for her remarkable work. Her painting not only touches souls but speaks to the person. Her art can be found in public, corporate and private collections worldwide, and in galleries across Canada.

igital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate

Prospective collectors or interested people can call for an appointment to visit her studio to see originals and prints. Melissa also does commission pieces, you can view her  work on her new eCommerce website built by the ShopHERE Program at

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