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Enhancing Your Natural State Of Beauty

by Michelle Foster   |   August 31, 2022   |   Share this:  

Who doesn’t love natural, cruelty free and paraben free products? Ofori Beauty is a hair and skincare company founded by Danielle Addison in Cambridge, Ontario. Combining her love for holistic living and health, Danielle obtained her bachelor's degree in nursing and brought her knowledge of holistic living into her practice. 

Ofori Beauty's mission is to create a society that is aware, knowledgeable and equipped to make informed decisions about the products and processes marketed to BIPOC consumers that harm and hurt while taking away from their natural state of beauty. One day, Danielle hopes to expand her business to discuss and teach self-love to black women about skin and hair.

Danielle grew up in a lower socioeconomic environment as a black girl, whose mother taught her how to achieve and maintain clean skin on a budget. As Danielle entered adulthood, she began using products that she could pronounce. These products are responsible for the beautiful healthy skin she has today.  

Danielle’s passion for skincare led her to launch her skincare line to enhance the confidence and quality of life of those struggling with skincare issues. She understands how finances can affect one’s ability to maintain overall self-care. With her knowledge and experience, Danielle has successfully created a budget-friendly skincare line that is safe and affordable.  

“I love learning new ways to care for my skin and sharing beauty secrets with my consumers by integrating this knowledge into my skincare line.” 

Danielle worked alongside Stacie, a ShopHERE  eCommerce Coordinator to complete the ShopHERE powered by Google experience. Danielle says, 

“…she took her time to explain everything she is able to do for me step by step. Discussed updates were completed incredibly quickly (sometimes the same day!). These updates and educational walk-throughs would have cost me a lot of money and this program really helped me save as a single mother trying to start a business. Thank you!” 

When Danielle applied to the ShopHERE program she was searching for the perfect platform to help build her business a new online presence. Prior to the ShopHERE program, Danielle had invested time and money in the creation of an online store but struggled to receive the perfect end result. Now, after receiving ShopHERE's support and successfully launching a Shopify website, Danielle says, 

“I am proud of and happy to call this site my own.” 

Since launching their online store through ShopHERE, Danielle feels that she has gained confidence in being a successful entrepreneur. 

“This program is really helpful and they will give you the knowledge you need to start your business.” 

Want to learn more about Ofori Beauty’s cruelty free, natural and paraben free products? Click here to learn more about the business, and to browse their products. If you are a small business looking to get started on building an online store or would like to learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google program, please click here.

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