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A Mother Who Found a Way to Heal Her Daughter's Birth Defect and Create a New Business

by Sukhvir Shergill   |   January 25, 2023   |   Share this:  

Mary Racioppo is the founder of RAE Skincare, based in Vaughan, Ontario. RAE Skincare was created with the hope to help millions of people who suffer from skin challenges. Mary herself is no stranger to this topic as her daughter Laura Rae was born without a thyroid gland which caused skin challenges – and that’s how it all began.  

Mary watched her daughter Laura Rae switch between numerous skincare lines in the hopes of helping her skin challenges but it just resulted in physical and emotional scars. The frustration grew as Laura Rae was dependent on medication and had to deal with years of uncertainty with her skin challenges. This prompted Mary to begin her own research to find a solution. 

“My goal was to develop a product that would make a positive impact on her life – and the lives of millions of other people suffering from similar skin challenges. I began to research natural and organic ingredients and formulate a product that would be gentle on the skin yet powerful and highly effective.” 

The COVID-19 pandemic provided Mary with the much-needed time to search for a solution to heal Laura Rae’s skin condition. Mary spent months conducting research and trying out different formulas to help heal Laura Rae’s skin. The time was well spent, as Mary was able to develop a product that would change her daughter's life.  

Not only do RAE Skincare products help individuals with skin challenges, but they are also made with love for our planet and animals. RAE Skincare products are clean, cruelty-free, organic, and green earth-friendly. 

“When we began using my newly developed products, she had scars on both sides of her face. After only a few days, Laura noticed her scars fading and her skin’s overall appearance improving. In less than a month, all of her scars had faded, and she was left with a radiant complexion. Having no thyroid was a birth defect for my daughter Laura Rae.” 

27 years later, on the day Laura Rae’s skin healed, RAE Skincare was created. With the help of Digital Main Street’s ShopHERE powered by Google program, Mary was able to get her business online and work towards her dream of helping millions of others with skin challenges. Mary described her experience with her eCommerce Coordinator as painless, exciting, fun, informative, and educational.  

“I think it's a fantastic program. Wouldn't have been able to start my business with complete confidence and support if it weren't for ShopHERE.” 

Mary’s eCommerce Coordinator offered detailed instructions and provided resources to further assist Mary with running her website on her own.  This digital transformation has allowed Mary to create a business that will change the lives of many.  

“It's a fantastic feeling when you can learn to control your own online store and the feeling of accomplishing and maintaining your own website.” 

RAE Skincare’s mission is to help you feel confident and enhance your natural beauty with natural ingredients. If you are interested in any of the products RAE Skincare provides or would like to learn more about RAE Skincare, you can visit the website here.  

If you enjoyed learning about Mary’s experience with the program, and are interested in signing up you can do so by visiting the ShopHERE powered by Google program website by clicking here

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