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Rā:Shē:Ō's Legal Innovation Wall-Art Elevates Spaces

by Akashjot Basanti   |   November 29, 2023   |   Share this:  

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal services, Rā:Shē:Ō, founded by Natalie McFarlane in Mississauga, ON, stands as a unique endeavour that seeks to bridge the gap between the intangible nature of the legal profession and the need for tangible representation. Born out of a desire to ignite imagination within the legal industry, Rā:Shē:Ō combines art and law to create innovative and illustrative pieces that resonate with legal professionals and the world they serve.  

Using a standard black-and-white aesthetic and tempered glass, Rā:Shē:Ō offers a wide range of themes and varying sizes of innovative wall art and embellishments, suitable for elevating any space and suiting any taste. Their collection includes pieces ideal for various settings, from commercial spaces like hallways, conference rooms, and office hubs to residential spaces such as living rooms, home offices, foyers, and bedrooms. Each piece is thoughtfully crafted to complement and enhance the atmosphere of any environment. 

In order to reach a wider audience, McFarlane wanted their business to have an online store but didn't know how to start. That's where the ShopHERE powered by Google program was able to step in and help. The ShopHERE powered by Google program provides small business owners, entrepreneurs and artists with free 1-1 support to establish or improve an e-commerce site. McFarlane joined the program and was connected with a dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator to help bring their e-commerce vision to life vision to life. 

“I had no prior back-end experience with Shopify, which was the platform that I selected for my e-commerce brand. I absolutely needed the help, and the fact that it was available during the financial pressures of Covid made it ideal for me”, shares McFarlane. 

With the support of the ShopHERE program, McFarlane and the E-Commerce Coordinator were able to build a site for Rā:Shē:Ō that reflects the businesses missing and allows for online sales. Moving forward, McFarlane has the skills to be able to manage the site and reach more customers.

McFarlane shared that their E-Commerce Coordinator played a pivotal role their journey. 

“In addition to being a fantastic listener, [my E-Commerce Coordinator oordinator] also [made fantastic suggestions] whenever there were possible troubleshooting or solutions to consider based on the stated requests. She was also extremely proficient with Shopify and was willing to demonstrate the use of certain features for me to be able to handle on my own as-needed.” 

Rā:Shē:Ō's journey with the ShopHERE program exemplifies the program's effectiveness in assisting entrepreneurs in modernizing their operations and embracing the digitization necessary for success.  McFarlane emphasizes this, stating, 

“ShopHERE was excellent! Other businesses should use ShopHERE to assist them in modernizing their business model via digitization, which is an essential aspect of being a successful business owner in the 21st century.” 

Through the guidance of the ShopHERE program and the expertise of their Coordinator, Rā:Shē:Ō successfully navigated the challenges of establishing their online presence. The collaboration enabled them to showcase their innovative décor and art to a wider audience, fostering engagement, and sparking meaningful conversations within the legal community and beyond. 

To experience the transformative power of Rā:Shē:Ō's illustrative art, visit their website. Want to grow your business and succeed in the digital space? Be sure to check out the ShopHERE powered by Google program by clicking here.  

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