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Healing Nature One Step at a Time: Reconnect Beauty’s Journey with ShopHERE

by Khloe Tsang   |   February 07, 2024   |   Share this:  

Based in Waterloo, Ontario, Ezgi Demircan Ozelcaglayan is the proud owner and founder of Reconnect Beauty. A chemist by training, Ezgi discovered she was interested in making her own beauty products while pursuing her PhD in Environmental Engineering. From her research on removing personal care products and pharmaceuticals from water, she learned that beauty routines can contribute to micropollutants in the environment. This all led to Reconnect Beauty — a clean beauty brand that aims to promote environmental well-being by changing our beauty routines. It is not just a brand, but a movement to show the impact of beauty routines on the environment and why we need to shift our mindset on beauty. 

After starting the business, Ezgi wanted to create an online presence for Reconnect Beauty but didn’t have any experience with running a website or online store. This is where ShopHERE powered by Google stepped in to help! The ShopHERE powered by Google provides free 1-1 support for small businesses and artists looking to create, or improve their online store. 

Through the ShopHERE powered by Google program, Ezgi was able to start building her website and online store from scratch with the help of a dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator. Ezgi's dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator answered all of her questions and helped with her requests, making it possible for to build the website quickly, and in a way that works best for the business. The E-Commerce Coordinator also helped solve any problems encountered while preparing to launch. 

“I think it is possible to try it by yourself but having someone that connects you and understand your needs, offer solutions and ideas make it much easier.” 

Getting help from people who cared about her business’s needs eliminated a big stress factor for Ezgi . This made the entire process of getting the online store up and running much easier than she expected.

At ShopHERE, Ezgi found all the resources and help she needed to transition her business digitally without being lost in all the technical details. 

“Don't be afraid to ask for help. I think the hardest part is that we think we need to do everything by ourselves, or we need to learn everything from the scratch.” 

The ShopHERE program empowered Ezgi to feel more confident with running her online store and website, and she says, 

“It was always an idea to start my own business, but seeing the website and the online store made it real. Now it is something I own, and I can continue creating, changing and playing with it.”  

With the launch of her website and online store, Ezgi's biggest challenge now is also her biggest opportunity – marketing. When reflecting upon it, she says this challenge prompts her to leave her comfort zone, which makes it a great opportunity to learn and gain confidence. 

“The biggest opportunity of being online is that now I have the ability to create the environment I want to work and live in.” 


Visit Reconnect Beauty to check out their skincare line and learn more about the clean beauty movement.  You can also check them out on Instagram

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