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Celebrating Artistic Fusion: SCENE Studio's Creative Journey

by Akashjot Basanti   |   November 14, 2023   |   Share this:  

In the bustling city of Ottawa, Canada, SCENE Studio stands as a testament to the artistry and creativity of Celine Khairallah. With roots deeply embedded in Lebanon, Celine draws inspiration from her upbringing and formative years spent in the vibrant streets of Beirut. SCENE Studio's aesthetic captures the essence of Beirut's architectural marvels, the Levant's rich heritage, and the allure of the Mediterranean lifestyle, resulting in a captivating fusion of contemporary design and cultural influences. 

SCENE Studio is firmly committed to showcasing the beauty of Celine's artistry, with each collection originating from captivating artwork that seamlessly extends into apparel and fashion jewelry. The studio's creations reflect a harmonious blend of warm colors, bold graphic lines, and intricate Arabic lettering, intertwining various influences to create truly unique pieces. 

“Having a “Place” on the internet to call my own as a creative person looking for an output. I am happy to be creating new art and to have launched a new SCENE-Studio here in Ottawa.” 

Celine Khairallah embarked on her creative journey in 2011 with “SCENE Beirut” in Lebanon, starting with silkscreened throw pillows and t-shirts inspired by the vibrant city and its Arabic heritage. As her brand expanded to include jewelry and handbags, gaining popularity with the opening of a flagship store in a prominent mall, Celine's move to Canada during the pandemic led her to establish SCENE Studio in Ottawa, where she now unveils her renewed creative vision. 

The ShopHERE powered by Google Program played a vital role in bringing SCENE Studio's online presence to life. Celine eagerly embraced the program's support, enabling her to navigate the daunting task of setting up a new website with confidence. Her dedicated e-Commerce Coordinator provided invaluable guidance, ensuring that Celine's vision materialized smoothly. 

“The ShopHERE program made it possible for me to start and finish setting up a new website, a task that seemed daunting to be doing all by myself. (My coordinator) had weekly meetings with me and provided feasible to-do lists, making it easy to achieve. (My coordinator) was prompt to reply to any problems I faced while building the website. She had a plan laid out and steps to follow that made the process easy even though my store demanded personalized solution” 

With the completion of the online store, Celine now faces the exciting challenges of logistics, marketing, and nurturing the thriving community surrounding SCENE Studio. With the ShopHERE program’s help in establishing the foundation, it is Celine's passion and determination that will keep her art alive. 

“Now that the shop is done and online, I find the logistics much easier, the difficult part now is to maintain it and market it and keep it alive! so please visit and share if you have friends interested in my kind of art and products.” 

With the help of ShopHERE program, the launch of SCENE Studio's online platform has opened new avenues for Celine to connect with art enthusiasts, admirers of Arabic heritage, and those seeking contemporary designs with a touch of cultural allure. As Celine continues to create captivating art, SCENE Studio stands as a testament to her vision, bridging the gap between different cultures and celebrating the beauty of artistic fusion. 

Visit SCENE Studio to explore Celine Khairallah's captivating artwork and distinctive collection. Want to grow your business and succeed in the digital space? Be sure to check out the ShopHERE powered by Google program by clicking here.

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