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Tapping Aligns Potential: Unlocking the Potential of E-Commerce Transformation

by Heather Hackett   |   January 10, 2024   |   Share this:  

Donna Reid is the owner of Tapping Aligns Potential, a business that focuses on offering emotional freedom technique services. Sessions are provided primarily online by Zoom, with some in-person availability in North Hastings, Ontario. Donna embraces the belief that “each new day is full of potential” and dedicates herself to empowering individuals to conquer emotional and physical challenges through gentle acupressure tapping.  

Her digital journey started with a referral to the ShopHERE powered by Google program, which Donna learned could unlock her business’s online potential. The ShopHERE program connects small businesses like Tapping Aligns Potential with a dedicated E-Commerce Coordinator, who can provide free one-on-one support with building and launching an online store. 

The E-Commerce coordinator not only assisted Donna with building a website where clients can learn about her services and book online but also offered comprehensive e-commerce development training to ensure Donna felt confident managing her website once she graduated from the program.

“With the E-Commerce coordinator’s excellent support and expertise I surprised myself with how much I could learn and do. I think I even surprised my adult children, who have commented that they don't think they would have the skills to do this!”  

The ShopHERE program boosted Donna's confidence in her online business, assuring her that her website will leave a lasting impression on clients who visit it.  

“It increases my confidence knowing that I am proud of what my clients will see when they go online and check out my business.”  

Donna’s experience with the ShopHERE powered by Google program equipped her with the tools to successfully run the online component of her business.  Since finding success with her new online store, Donna shares this advice to other  small business owners:

“I would say to apply for this service and work with your coordinator. You will learn so much valuable knowledge and have new skills that will enhance your business for years to come. ShopHERE is a wonderful service that can get your business online in a matter of weeks at little to no cost. There really isn't any risk to you so I would say, ‘Go for it!’”  

To learn more about Tapping Aligns Potential, you can visit the website and follow on Facebook and Instagram

To find out more about the ShopHERE program, please visit here

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