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Become Part of the Natural Deodorant Tribe

by Digital Main Street   |   February 04, 2022   |   Share this:  

Karam Nabahani is the owner of deodorant company Tribal Deodorant based out of Burlington, Ontario. The brand was started 3 years ago and then put on the shelf due to challenges in production. Now, they are a fast-growing sustainable brand with a range of all-natural deodorants infused with passion and purpose. 

After finding out about the long-term side effects of aluminum and synthetic ingredients found in mainstream deodorants, Karam had enough. He began prioritizing his own health, he lost weight, changed his eating habits, became more active and decided to start using only natural products. When looking for an all-natural deodorant, he couldn’t find one that delivered on the promises the brands made.

Eventually, he began working on his own deodorant line that is packed with healthy ingredients that “does its job like a champ, without fail.” The brand name Tribal was inspired by the idea of a group of people uniting for a common goal – to return to nature and take bold steps towards sustainability. 

Karam decided to relaunch his existing brand with a focus on three key features that differentiate his brand from other deodorant brands. They are absolutely all natural, working on sustainable packaging, and plant a tree for each deodorant sold. 

The mission for Tribal Deodorant is to empower their customers to take their well being and the future of our planet into their own hands, with a healthier and more sustainable deodorant choice. Tribal Deodorant doesn’t cut any corners – they are all natural down to the scents used in the product. Tribal is working on refillable pods for their deodorant to reduce environmental impact and convert their product into a reusable one. 

Karam shoots for the stars. They transformed the humble deodorant brand with big dreams into a fast-growing product and are approaching their ambitious goals. Tribal Deodorants commitment to sustainability reaches beyond just their products. The vision for Tribal Deodorant is to plant 10,000,000 Tribal Trees worldwide by 2025. In addition to reusable packaging, Tribal Deodorant is aiming to make the shift into zero plastic while they continue to grow their range of scents. Currently, Tribal Deodorant comes in Citrus Blend, Cedarwood, and Unscented with high quality ingredients combined to be gentle on the skin.

Being part of the Tribe means no longer compromising on results when ditching your current deodorant brand, looking after your health and the planet, and enjoying the benefits of superior ingredients without breaking the bank. Most importantly, you have a community of people who are behind you all the way, as Karam hopes to create a community of eco-conscious people from all walks of life.

Karam partnered up with the ShopHERE powered by Google program to bring his relaunched deodorant brand to life online. 

Karam had launched several websites in the past, so he was used to the process, but the ShopHERE Program helped make the process faster by partnering up with an awesome eCommerce Coordinator, Prince. Although he used the basic plan, Karam was able to do some coding on his own to tailor the website to his needs.

His coordinator is what really made the experience a wonderful one that exceeded Karam’s expectations. 

“Prince Ukoha-Obasi was really working from the heart and had the skills that helped expedite the setup.”

Karam was very busy preparing for the re-launch of his brand and there was a lot that went into getting the ball rolling in the initial phases. He views his biggest opportunity is the chance to make a difference to our planet when it’s needed the most. 

If you’re looking to trade out your current deodorant brand to a more sustainable option, check out Tribal Deodorant at 

If you are a business owner who wants assistance setting up your own eCommerce website, you can sign up for the ShopHERE program here.

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