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4 Quick and Easy Video Ideas

Animoto   |   July 30, 2019   |   Share this:  

Depending on your business, and how often you post to your social accounts, you could also stretch out one of these categories over multiple weeks, or try sharing each one on a day-by-day basis every week and see what works the best!


Notebook emoji   Tell your business story
  Share why you started your business, what you're passionate about, and what makes your brand different.
Star emoji   Highlight your customers
  Create a video featuring customer testimonials or online reviews. You can also go more in-depth by focusing on just one customer's journey.
Present emoji   Spotlight a product or service
  Get the word out about a product that is a great fit for back-to-school shoppers or just an end-of-season sale or promotion.
Info desk emoji   Share your expertise
  Use a how-to video or a video explaining a topic as a way to connect with viewers looking for answers on YouTube or Facebook.






August Video Ideas & Examples



Kick off the month by telling the stories that have made your business what it is today. Consider this an opportunity to share the human side of your brand with your social following, and pull back the curtain on the daily goings-on of your operation. Here are a few ideas to help jog the imagination:

  • A history of your business
  • A day in the life for you or your employees
  • Why you do what you do

Looking for inspiration? We've got a couple of template suggestions you can use to create a video about yourself or your business. The first is our About Us template. Add photos of your product and yourself at work, paired with some text about what you do and the value you bring.


Or check out our brand new Self-Introduction template, designed to share a bit of your personal background, with a nod to your business at the end. This template works especially well if you're a freelancer looking to introduce yourself to new clients that you'll work with face to face.



As a small business, you are connected with your customers and community in ways that big brands are not. Use your social accounts to highlight the people that you serve with your business.

  • Recap any local activities that your business sponsors
  • Create a customer testimonial video
  • Go in-depth and focus on one customer’s experience with your business

If you're thinking of creating a customer testimonial video, check out the following template. Update it with imagery related to your business, plus quotes from some of your happy customers.


Want to celebrate your customers on Instagram Stories? Check out the Customer Call Out template in our iOS app, Animoto: Social Video Editor. It's designed for featuring user generated content, such as photos your customers have shared on Instagram and tagged you.



There will always be room for you to talk about the product or service at the core of your business in your marketing. The key though, is to keep your message customer-centric. It helps to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

While a straight-up advertisement may turn heads with a targeted paid audience, your organic audience already has a good idea of what you offer. You are the expert on what you are selling. You know the little details and features and tips that no one else knows about. Shine a light on those not-so-obvious elements that will help your customers appreciate your business even more.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • A product walkthrough
  • New release announcements
  • A sale or promotion
  • Story behind a product

Looking to tell the story of a product? There are a number of templates you can choose from. Our Product Story template can be updated to share the history of a product. Can you think of a product you sell that has an interesting backstory?


Or, try our Wellness Explainer template to showcase the benefits of a product or service. Use the “Why everyone is obsessed with X” formula and fill in the blank with something related to your business.



You are an expert in your field. Turn the knowledge that you that you use day-in and day-out into an expertise-establishing explainer video or how-to guide.

In sharing your knowledge with your social following, you’re creating the exact sort of value that your customers and potential customers are looking for when they follow you in the first place. If it feels like giving something away for free, that’s ok! The trust you establish with your social followers now will pay off when they give you their business later on.

  • Explainer videos
  • Step-by-step guides
  • Answer FAQs about your industry

We've got an entire article dedicated to explainer videos, including six templates. But our real estate explainer is a nice one for getting started. Try using it to answer a frequently-asked question in your industry.


The Expert How-To video template is also designed for sharing your expertise. If you're interested in getting in front of the camera, check out our blog post on how to feel more comfortable.


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