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Enterprise security on a small biz budget

Microsoft   |   March 12, 2018   |   Share this:  

Wish you could afford enterprise-strength digital security? You’re not alone. Cybersecurity ranks as a top concern among business owners and no wonder, given the increasing number of cyberattacks.

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Per McAfee, Canada loses 0.17% of GDP to cybercrime, which equals over $3 billion per year.

It’s not just a matter of upgrading technology, affordability is just as important to the growth of your business. We hear you, and that’s why this post explains how something as simple and cost-effective as upgrading your version of Windows can help boost your security posture.

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Outdated technology

Despite their concerns, too many of Canada’s small businesses still rely on outdated technology, like on-premises servers. Rightly or wrongly, many owners as well as IT professionals, seem to believe strongly in the security protocols and applications they use to safeguard their valuable data. They refuse to take the plunge to improve their digital security.

That old device and the system it runs may “still work,” but it’s leaving you increasingly vulnerable to costly breaches. Time to upgrade!

Leaving businesses exposed

Meanwhile, the modern threat landscape continues to evolve, thanks to global criminal syndicates. As the tide of change moves forward, most businesses using outdated technology are sitting ducks. They have no system to protect their employees’ devices, data captured in the field, or even reliable backups! Never mind trying to ward off simultaneous DNS attacks…

A simple, cost-effective solution

Something as simple and affordable (and, yes, as easy to overlook) as upgrading the operating system on PCs and tablets can help improve an organization’s security position quickly. That’s because Windows 10 helps eliminate or mitigate many issues plaguing small business owners across the country.

Windows 10 leapfrogs over many of the problems of today with enterprise-strength technology designed specifically to defend against tomorrow’s cyber threats.

Biometric based security

Forget unreliable (and annoying) password systems. Enterprise-grade biometric security authenticates users with a look or touch of the finger. It protects sensitive data stored on your employee’s devices with encryption.

Are retinal scans more to your liking? Depending on the age of your device, Windows Hello authenticates you with the choice of fingerprint, facial recognition, and retinal scan.

Thanks to Microsoft Passport and Windows Hello, you can forget the passwords you’ve used in the past—your unique identifiers (fingerprint, iris, facial features) enable access now.

Securing data in the field

Reports of data breaches are rising but that’s probably only because more organizations must report breaches now. Chances are, if you deploy people in field with devices, your sensitive data’s been mismanaged, leaked, or shared in error. It’s human nature. We make mistakes.

Windows 10 reduces the risk with Enterprise Data Protection (EDP), which helps keep files in the right hands. With EDP, you can avoid accidentally compromising your data.

Booting out trouble

If you allow your employees to use their own devices at work, please take note. By upgrading to Windows 10, potential attackers have a much harder time roaming undetected in your network.

Trusted Boot—an intelligent safety measure that guarantees only a genuine version of Windows launches first on every device—prevents attackers from hiding on devices and evading detection.

Guarding devices

Available with Windows 10 Enterprise, Device Guard locks down authorized devices so they only run trusted applications, protecting them from Ransomware and other viral threats.

Surfing securely

Your window to the Web exposes you, your employees, and your company assets to exploitation by cyber thieves. Bundled with Windows 10, the new web browser Microsoft Edge features some state-of-the-art technology to improve your security and browsing experience.

Getting the edge

Microsoft Edge eliminates entry points known to hackers. Its smart memory management feature blocks Use After Free (UAF) attacks. The Edge doesn’t require add-ons like toolbars and browser helper objects (BHOs) to perform optimally. By rendering these obsolete, Microsoft Edge increases your level of security across your organization. Now that’s a revolutionary browser.

While you’re upgrading, consider your version of Office, too. A single Office 365 subscription can give you all the latest versions of the classic productivity apps, plus great business services, like email.

Where to start?

Talk to your IT team or a Microsoft Certified Partner about upgrading your devices to Windows 10. If you don’t have a partner already, you can find a local expert near you by using the Microsoft Partner Center.

Remember, the future of your business requires a higher level of security and performance from your devices.

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