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What once took years to develop, requires only weeks to do today in the modern Intelligent Cloud. Businesses can use edge computing and IoT solutions to build intelligent systems that enable innovation and reduce costs. And they don’t have to do it themselves, with the help of Microsoft and its amazing partner network. Explore the possibilities! Learn about the technologies transforming our world.


Go the Distance with Modern Technology - Learn the New Language of Business

Microsoft   |   May 09, 2019   |   Share this:  

Ready to go the distance with modern technology? As the pace of technological innovation speeds up, you might think that tomorrow arrives earlier every year. By leaps and bounds, the global marketplace evolves. Change disrupts traditional ways of operating a business, managing supply chains, and attracting new customers. The digital transformation in the workplace as well as the marketplace hasn’t happened over night. In fact, it’s a long time coming.

So, what’s changed?

The short answer: we’ve changed. People adapt faster to digital innovation. And now, customers expect the businesses they covet to measure up to a digital maturity standard. As we move forward, what once was a stand-alone application becomes an integrated platform with unique features—like enhanced security, co-authoring, and collaborating apps—all informed in part by customer feedback.

Microsoft answers the call for integrated solutions that go beyond the basics, like mobile access, good security, and true scalability.

In the early years of the digital revolution, businesses latched onto a smattering of software applications. They relished in the new productivity paradigm of multitasking.

Before long, a few apps grew to an unmanageable number of stand-alone, disparate products, requiring IT departments to build bridges and work-arounds. Companies invested heavily in preserving legacy systems and managing a patchwork of server-side processes. That all changes in the modern cloud, which frees business from the high costs and constant headaches of managing their own infrastructure.

Today’s digitally-mature company speaks an entirely new language of business. They drop their legacy systems so they can focus on innovation.

A new language…

Today we launch a new free ebook to identify and discuss our new business era. We hope to inspire companies and organizations of all types and sizes to break free of legacy systems and outdated software forever, and embrace modern, integrated digital solutions to achieve what they could once only dream of doing.

Speaking business today” explores how emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), and edge computing transform the playing field across Canada and the world. Download the free ebook here.

For our business era

In this era of business, customers, employees, and people at large expect service providers, product manufacturers, and retailers to keep pace with technological innovations. So, there’s no denying the demand for innovation. The question is how can you keep up with that demand? The answer is through technology intensification.

In their “Digitize now” study BDC reports that only “19 percent of Canadian small and mid-sized businesses are digitally-advanced with Quebec businesses leading the way.

Digital maturity

In October 2018, the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) published findings from a study involving 2000 Canadian and 800 American decision-makers and owners of small to medium-sized businesses. The study, called “Digitize now. How to make a digital shift in your business, compared how companies, on both sides of the border, cope with the pace of technological change and measured their digital maturity.

BDC reports that digitally mature businesses are “329% more likely to have developed or introduced an innovation in the past three years.”

Move your business forward

Increased security risks aside, the costs associated with maintaining legacy systems and applications dwarf those of cloud-based solutions. The productivity boost alone makes for a great return on investment, thanks to the many hours returned to IT teams. Now, developers can refocus their skills on building customized applications in the cloud that move their business forward.

Business Insider estimates that “5.6 billion IoT devices owned by enterprises and governments will utilize edge computing for data collection and processing by 2020.”

Using the intelligent cloud

What once took years to develop, requires only weeks to do today in the modern intelligent cloud. Businesses can use edge computing and IoT solutions to build intelligent systems that enable innovation and reduce costs. And they don’t have to go it alone. They can get help from Microsoft and its amazing partner network.

Explore the possibilities

Speaking business today

Learn about the technologies transforming our world. Our new ebook called “Speaking business today” introduces you to the new language of business. Download the free ebook here.


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