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Platforms Like Visme Are Democratizing Design For Small Businesses Everywhere

Digital Main Street   |   August 19, 2019   |   Share this:  

See how you can quickly and easily create beautiful Presentations, Infographics and other visual formats.

VismeApp ‏is on a mission is to empower everyone to create beautiful visual content, whether it be social media graphics, infographics or full-fledged presentations. The platform has been accurately described as “The only design tool you’ll ever need to tell and present your stories and translate boring data into stunning visual formats right in your browser.”


Why This Matters

It's no secret that Visuals are an important part of any marketing campaign. They have the power to attract and retain your audience. They have the power to enhance your entire campaign and make it successful in the long run.

Overall, content marketing gets you six-time higher conversion rates than other types of marketing.

Take a look at some visual content marketing statistics that demonstrate the impact visual content has on reach, engagement, and sales.

Platforms like @visme are democratizing design for small businesses everywhere and empower small busiest owners and entrepreneurs to go further faster, and look good doing it.


What Can You Create Using Visme?

Visme is an all-in-one visual content platform that allows everyone, including non-designers, to create beautiful presentations, infographics, reports and social media images in minutes

Tips + Tricks


How Does it Compare to Other Platforms?

Visme is specifically designed to help users create professional interactive and animated infographics, Canva for example, does not offer the ability to create infographics as one of its core features. (There are some tools, however, they are far more limited in regards to functionality and customization) Visme also has a number of other beneficial features you would miss out on using another service including content blocks, premium graphics, interactive elements, data widgets, animations, third-party integrations, maps, flowcharts, one-click theme colours, lead generation, and password-protected projects. Check out the Visme Blog to learn more about this amazing platform's product features


Next Steps

Want to first hand see what Visme is all about? Sign up – it's FREE! “Free plus” plan starts at $14/month.

Get an inside look and learn the true power of Visme by attending one of their webinars!

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