Finding customers online and providing care at home

by Valentina Navas   |   March 16, 2021   |   Share this:  

For Rohit Tamhane of Arcadia Home Care, going into lockdown because of COVID-19 meant losing over 40% of his business over three days. At that moment, his company relied heavily on Word of Mouth and offline communications, and his digital strategy wasn't ready to pivot to an online-focused service. That's why he decided to apply to Digital Main Street's Future Proof Program and get a Transformation Team to help him with this new challenge.   

“The Transformation Teams Program was timely and essential in the face of the pandemic.”  

In 2005, after having an accident due to lack of home care after surgery, and convinced he could create a solution to help avoid similar situations for others, Rohit started Arcadia Home Care. His focus is on helping those living with dementia, Alzheimer's diseases, ABI, and related disorders. Before March 2020, Arcadia had an established online presence that was not updated frequently since, at the moment, it wasn't vital for the business's survival; their offline tactics were enough. But, when COVID-19 hit, Rohit realized he needed to pivot, and he needed to be quick, changes were happening, and he needed to adapt.   

It was time for Arcadia Home Care to invest in their digital transformation. Rohit contacted Digital Main Street and started working with a Transformation Team to update his digital presence.   

“The team was diligent, professional and open to feedback/suggestions. I would not have been able to create the solutions and implement them with the skill and timelines on my own. They took my input into account and delivered beyond my expectations.”  

The Team's key tasks included updating Arcadia's website, implementing a booking platform, developing an email marketing strategy and optimizing its social media channels.   

After successfully completing his Business Transformation Plan with his Team, Rohit has been able to broaden his reach, grow his business and keep workers employed. Digital marketing has become a central focal point in his day-to-day life, and his knowledge of it has increased.   

Looking towards the future, Rohit would like to create a team that takes care of maintaining the momentum and growth into other digital marketing channels. He now knows how important digital marketing is to keep his business relevant for these online-focused times.   

For Rohit, the Transformation Teams program is an opportunity all businesses should take. In his words:  “Take this gift and run with it!”. 

If you want more information on the services provided by Arcadia Home Care, visit their website here.   

If you are a small business or know someone interested in learning more about the Future Proof Program and how to apply, click here. To learn more about Digital Main Street and how it is helping local businesses survive the pandemic, click here.    

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