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A Life Changing Health Journey Gone Digital

by Shanna Alliman   |   July 25, 2022   |   Share this:  

Tatiana Jankowski is the owner of Heartsease Nutrition, which was founded in Toronto, Ontario. Tatiana’s passion for creating nourishing foods that promote health was sparked by her own personal wellness journey. Many modern foods are filled with considerable sugars and processed starches, creating an abundant source of ‘empty’ calories in our diets. This consumption of poor-quality food can lead to many health concerns for consumers.

Tatiana experienced exactly that, her previous diet created digestive distress and other health challenges. Even when Tatiana transitioned to a vegan diet, these food-related health problems did not alleviate. Tatiana made the decision at this point to improve her health one nourishing ingredient at a time. 

 “Heartsease Nutrition is a snack and wellness company founded in Toronto, ON with the intention to craft delicious treats that nourish the body and support wellbeing.” 

She was inspired to make a change after developing these health problems which led to the creation of Heartsease Nutrition. Tatiana discovered the benefits of adding protein and healthy fats into her diet which minimized her sugar cravings. Healthy fats, fiber and proteins are also present in their products. These health-improving nutrients promote hormone balance, regulate blood sugar levels, and reduce cravings.  

“My gut healed, my hormones came back into synch and I now feel a freedom from food cravings I never could have previously imagined” 

The ShopHERE powered by Google program was beneficial to the implementation of eCommerce into Tatiana’s business. The step-by-step process while working with her eCommerce Coordinator allowed for the smooth setup of her website. With this help, Tatiana was able to implement custom features into her website as well as learn digital marketing tools to help with her business's success.  

“I think ShopHERE is such a great program and offers support to small businesses when they need it the most.” 

When curating products for Heartsease Nutrition it was important for Tatiana that their products tasted delicious and support wellness by nourishing the body. They are made with natural ingredients, free of processed sugars, gluten, and grains. Heartsease Nutrition wants to help its consumers maintain their healthy weight while still enjoying tasty snacks. Not only does Heartsease Nutrition promote health and wellbeing to its customers, but they also promote sustainability within the environment. Their product packaging is either recyclable or made of compostable materials from renewable wood pulp that has been harvested sustainably. 

 “Treat yourself to something delicious without compromising your health goals or the environment.” 

For Tatiana, the ShopHERE powered by Google program helped assist her business with a digital transformation. During her time with the program, Tatiana was grateful for her eCommerce coordinators' commitment to making her website the best it could be. She appreciated their assistance in showcasing Heartsease Nutrition’s fantastic product images. The photos look so delicious you'll want to take a bite!

“I found it to be a fun and simple process. Just take it one step at a time!” 

Tatiana’s business undergoing this digital transformation was crucial to her achieving her goal of making her products available nationwide. The ShopHERE powered by Google program has provided Tatiana’s business with great potential to broaden and increase her customers. A section of Heartsease Nutrition’s website is dedicated to showcasing its retailers. This has facilitated the connection between their eCommerce business to their in-store sales. Since the ShopHERE powered by Google program she has been working on marketing her business online to invite customers to her website. 

Along with grocers and coffee shops throughout the GTA, you can purchase Heartsease Nutrition’s delectable, nutritious treats on their website here. If you are interested in the ShopHERE powered by Google program and want to find more information click here

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