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A Goldsmith’s Sparkling Passion Can Now Be Found Online

by Dominik Skrzypek   |   August 21, 2020   |   Share this:  

Amanda Henderson grew up in an entrepreneurial family, and on some level always knew that she too would go on to run her own business. Coupled with her passion for making the world around her more beautiful, it only makes sense that she founded Jewelust which is committed to sustainability, equality, and artfully crafted fine jewellery. Making jewellery was not always the obvious path for Henderson, and it wasn’t until she started working for a jewellery wholesaler when she discovered her love of making jewellery.

“…I learned that making jewellery could be a real job. I went back to school…and I immediately fell in love with the hammers, saws, and torches.”

There, the journey of Jewelust began as Henderson started to create her own designs and started her own business in Toronto. Over time the style and messaging evolved while her purpose and values remained and grew, as Henderson “witnessed more about our world” prompting her to ensure that her business reflects her “own personal values of justice and social and environmental sustainability.” Henderson’s creativity allowed her to produce elaborate pieces over time while selling them through her studio. This, however, all changed when COVID-19 hit, and business became much harder. “The first couple months of the pandemic were like a whirlwind and rules were changing so quickly it was hard to keep up. It was stressful and made work difficult.”

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, jewelust

Henderson was able to push through and evolve with the times. One way in which she adapted was through the creation of her eCommerce website. This became part of her plan to survive the present situation, and prepare for more uncertainties in the future. Luckily, these changes did not serve purely as a way to survive but also offered an opportunity to thrive and expand. Henderson loves the idea of selling online since, as she says, it gives her “the potential to reach people all over the world!” Not only does this increase sales but it allows her to “chat with customers in other countries, and to discuss a shared passion for art and design.” The credit for getting online so smoothly, she gives to the ShopHERE Program.

“The ShopHERE Program has been amazing! I don't think I would have a website ready now if this program didn't exist. As a solopreneur, it can be hard to keep all the balls in the air.”

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, jewelust

Through the ShopHERE Program, Henderson was able to get the assistance she needed to navigate this new addition to her business. She raves of her eCommerce Coordinator, saying that “Heather was so friendly and helpful…a pleasure to work with.” With the process being one which can become quite burdensome for the already overworked entrepreneur, it was not something which she would have taken on right now, if not for the program.

“If you don't have a website for any reason – you're not tech-savvy, you don't have the time, you don't know where to start – then you need to try ShopHERE!”

Digital Main Street ShopHERE Program powered by Google Graduate, jewelust

Her great experience is the reason that Henderson believes that anyone in need of a website, should try the ShopHERE Program. And anyone looking for some beautiful jewellery designed and manufactured in Toronto needs to give the Jewelust website a visit. You will not only be supporting a local jeweller but a socially-conscious force in our community.

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