Success Stories

Amidst a growing call for digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, the ShopHERE program has supported businesses and artists across Ontario with their very own online stores. Find some of our graduate success stories below and see how we help participants succeed online. Learn more about the program here.

Entrepreneur Brings African Values To Life

Chakou Collection, a brand dedicated to keeping African traditions alive, is now able to reach more customers with a brand new online store. Chakoutio’s main goal is to build a dynamically impactful brand by celebrating African values and history.

by Menna ShawkyMenna Shawky November 30, 2020
Handmade Beaded Jewellery Store Finds An Online Outlet 

Em-Jay-Kay Beading Plus offers quality, handmade beaded jewellery and artwork that uses Japanese Delica beads to combine versatility and creativity in their designs. Marline is now able to reach a broader audience with her Shopify e-commerce website.

by Kristina AdelKristina Adel October 09, 2020
The Journey Of An Entrepreneur

On Margaret's new online store, customers can find anything from clothing and accessories, to kitchen utensils and home decor. She is excited for all of the new possibilities of e-commerce, and feels as though a "weight has been lifted."

by Kristina AdelKristina Adel September 08, 2020
A Goldsmith’s Sparkling Passion Can Now Be Found Online

Entrepreneurship runs in the family for Jewelust owner Amanda Henderson, and now thanks to ShopHERE Powered By Google her local business can reach new heights with an e-commerce website on Shopify.

by Dominik SkrzypekDominik Skrzypek August 21, 2020

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