Put Your Pet’s Health First With Live Pet Love

by Julia Over   |   September 10, 2021   |   Share this:  

Nathalie Casciato’s sustainable pet store Live Pet Love was founded on the mission “to nurture the emotional connection we have with our pets by offering healthy, natural, and sustainable products.” 

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Nathalie has been in the Pet Industry for 12 years. She is knowledgeable and experienced with animal health and works to ensure that she is consistently learning by attending all of the major pet industry trade shows in North America. Nathalie says, “I wanted to start my own business providing products to Dogs and Cats. I am a dog lover, and I am passionate about providing treats and toys to my fur babies that are healthy for them.”

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Live Pet Love sells natural and environmentally responsible pet products that Nathalie assures are made by companies that keep the planet in mind. Nathalie expresses, “As a nature lover, I think that it is important to keep in mind our planet when we shop for items for our lifestyle, and that includes for our pets.”  

Not having a website, Nathalie was finding it difficult to gain a larger audience across the country, so quickly came to the realization that she needed to get online. After completing some research, Nathalie came across the ShopHERE Program Powered by Google, which aims to provide small business owners with the tools and resources needed to get online. The ShopHERE Program helps businesses build eCommerce websites, teaches them how to manage them, and provides marketing training. Nathalie says, “The process for getting an online store was great! This is an excellent program for those who want to venture into online business.” Nathalie chose to have her eCommerce store on Shopify, as she favored its simplicity and easy inventory management. She worked closely with her eCommerce Coordinator to build the online store she envisioned for her brand. 

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Since getting online Nathalie has been very busy developing and boosting her social media presence to gain traffic to her site.

“This is going to be the critical point in this journey. I need to be persistent and hopefully it will pay off.” Nathalie is very hopeful that all of her dedication will be successful. 

When asked why other small business owners should join the ShopHERE Program Powered by Google, Nathalie says, “Because it’s free and very helpful. I believe I have learned a ton about social media, marketing and business planning which I intend to put in place.”

To see Nathalie’s healthy, sustainable, and natural pet products, you can visit the new Live Pet Love site here. If you know of, or are a small business that would like to get online, you can learn more about the ShopHERE Program here. 


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