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The Art of Sustainability Goes Online: LOONA Sunglasses Embracing Digital Transformation

by Erkin Meng   |   February 21, 2024   |   Share this:  

Dmitry Kovalev and his brother are redefining eyewear through their company LOONA Sunglasses, a Toronto-based start-up company specializing in the artistry of handcrafted wooden sunglasses. Paying tribute to nature, LOONA Sunglasses is not just a business but also a story of dedication and innovation. The brothers' commitment to sustainability is evident in their conscious move away from mass production and fast fashion, opting for quality handmade sunglasses that last. Kovalev shared,  “During the last few years, we honed our craft through hands-on experimentation, discovering how to manipulate hardwood for durability.” 

The brothers were inspired to join the ShopHERE program after hearing how the program could help them build their own e-commerce site. The ShopHERE powered by Google program provides small businesses, artists and entrepreneurs with free 1-1 support to build a custom online store. Each program participant is paired with an E-Commerce Coordinator who can provide customized solutions to support bringing their business online. 

Kovalev and his brother were connected with their Coordinator and shared their vision for a new website. The Coordinator ensured that their new online store truly reflected their business's unique craftsmanship and values. Kovalev shared:  

“Our eCommerce Coordinator was very responsive and made sure our ideas were implemented on the website. (They) also suggested a few extra features that we didn’t think of.” 

This digital transformation allowed LOONA Sunglasses to elevate the business from Etsy to having their very own website. Having a dedicated online store has not only expanded their reach but also enhanced the credibility of LOONA sunglasses in the competitive online marketplace.

When reflecting on their experience with the ShopHERE program, Dmitry added,  

“This program gives you an opportunity to get a high-quality service…and puts you in more equal position with bigger (e-commerce companies).” 

To get yourself a pair of hand-crafted, high-quality sunglasses, check out LOONA Sunglasses by visiting their website here.

If you want to learn more about the ShopHERE powered by Google program, please visit here

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