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Unleashing Nature's Beauty: Trinketry's Journey with ShopHERE

by Akashjot Basanti   |   September 06, 2023   |   Share this:  

Sally Buckley, based in London Ontario, had a vision to create something truly special. With a passion for craftsmanship and a love for nature, she embarked on a mission to bring unique, handcrafted trinkets to the world. Thus, Trinketry was born—a jewelry business that offers a wide range of exquisite wearable treasures, accessible to every budget. 

With a deep appreciation for nature's wonders, Trinketry aims to bring customers closer to the natural world through their exquisite jewelry pieces. Each creation allows the wearer to carry a small fragment of Mother Nature with them wherever they go. But Trinketry's dedication to the environment goes beyond their designs. Buckley proudly shares,  

“In keeping with our brand intention, all our packaging is fully recyclable.” 

Like many small businesses, Trinketry initially relied on marketplace platforms to showcase and sell their products. While these platforms provided some exposure, Buckley felt there was more to be done to establish a unique brand identity and reach a wider audience. That's when she discovered the ShopHERE powered by Google program—an initiative that offers free e-commerce support to small businesses. Excited by the opportunity to take her business to new heights, Buckley eagerly enrolled in the program, where she was paired with an E-Commerce Coordinator who helped guide her through the process of building a professional website for Trinketry. The 1-1 support proved to be a game-changer for Buckley. 

“My (e-Commerce Coordinator) was communicative and engaging; she streamlined the whole process and took away the stress! My online store was set up within the timeline I originally hoped for (in time for Mother's Day) and I have come out of the program with a greater knowledge of how to display and market my products” 

Trinketry's website now showcases their stunning jewelry collections in an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly manner where Buckley controls how and what to showcase. Customers can easily explore the intricate details of each piece, enabling them to make informed purchasing decisions. With the assistance of their e-Commerce Coordinator, Trinketry learned valuable strategies for displaying and marketing their products effectively. 

“I was shown some great tips and websites to allow me to build an accurate list of keywords in order to better build my SEO practices”, Buckley shares. 

Since joining the ShopHERE program, Trinketry has experienced a surge in online visibility and customer engagement. The website has enabled Buckley to connect with a broader audience, attracting individuals who share her passion for nature-inspired jewelry and also feel confident approaching new customers and collaborators.  

“The biggest opportunity is being able to reach more customers now that I'm online. I'm excited to start paid advertising soon and grow my business further” , Buckley says. 

With a website that truly reflects the beauty of its handcrafted trinkets and a growing customer base, Trinketry is poised to continue its mission of sharing nature's splendour with the world. And, when reflecting on the program Buckley shares, 

“I thought the ShopHERE Program was fantastic… I would recommend it to any business looking to get online. “

Visit Trinketry to discover their wide selection of eco-friendly jewelry products. Want to grow your business and succeed in the digital space? Be sure to check out the ShopHERE powered by Google program by clicking here.  

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