Success Stories

Amidst a growing call for digital transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 crisis, the ShopHERE program has supported businesses and artists across Ontario with their very own online stores. Find some of our graduate success stories below and see how we help participants succeed online. Learn more about the program here.

A Conversation About Life Regrets Leads To A Path Of Art

After a conversation with a friend on their 55th birthday, Miriam Traher decided to pursue life without regrets by becoming an artist. The ShopHERE program helped Miriam bring her passion online to share her paintings with people around the world.

by Digital Main Street November 23, 2021
Nancy Cunningham’s All-Natural Soaps Will Have You Coming Back For More

Nancy Cunningham changes the artisan cosmetics game by producing high-quality, natural soaps in different shapes, sizes, and scents. Since the digital launch of Cunningham Vintage Soapworks, her business has expanded to all of North America.

by Abdullah Idrees November 05, 2021
Venezuelan Arepas Made With Love In Canada

Arepas, made from pre-cooked cornmeal and stuffed with different ingredients, are a Venezuelan flagship. Thanks to the ShopHERE Program, Carla and Maria's Arepa Ink can now be found online and their customers can order directly from their website.

by Valentina Navas February 24, 2021
eCommerce As A Second Language

Tumu Learning is a virtual language learning platform that provides personalized learning plans, exercises, weekly live classes, and regular feedback. Owner Umut is now making these courses accessible through his eCommerce Shopify website.

by Jane Cho September 25, 2020
London Flower Business Blooms Despite COVID- 19 Cancellations

After expanding her home-based business into a studio space, Time 4 Flowers owner Rosemary decided to reach even more customers by going online. She now has a fully functional e-commerce website thanks to ShopHERE Powered By Google.

by Sara Reynolds August 19, 2020

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