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Managing Open Tabs: No Longer a Hassle
“Can I open a tab?” Five words every bartender wants to hear, as they usually translate into higher sales (which usually translates into higher tips). But managing open tabs can be a headache. So we’re making it way easier for you with our new Open Tickets feature in Square Point ...
Eight remote working essentials to stay productive
The second in our Keep your business moving securely series, this post offers eight remote working essentials to help you stay focused, productive, and secure from home. You can try out these tips at your business and/or share this post with anyone who may be procrastinating!
Microsoft Project: The tool needed to help you organize your tasks
We all manage projects but not all of us are Project Managers. The new Microsoft Project is here to help you organize your tasks. It is designed to be both simple and powerful, so anyone can get started quickly and take control of any project right away.
Your IoT business needs the right business model
Your IoT business needs the right business model. The Internet of Things isn’t about technology. It’s about your business. In this interactive e-book, you’ll see the different approaches.
Visualize: The Power of Data Storytelling
Register for this webinar, and learn how to unlock the hidden potential within your data through visualization. When it comes to data, gathering information is only half of the challenge – it’s what you do with it that counts. How do you communicate the insights gained from data more.
Microsoft Azure Essentials: Fundamentals of Azure, Second Edition
This book covers the fundamentals of Azure you need to start developing solutions right away. It concentrates on the features of the Azure platform that you are most likely to need to know rather than on every feature and service available on the platform.
Introducing Microsoft Power BI
This free ebook introduces Microsoft Power BI basics through a practical, scenario-based guided tour of the tool, showing you how to build analytical solutions using Power BI. Read the ebook to get an overview of Power BI, or dig deeper and follow along on your PC using the book's examples.
Mobilize your business with Office 365
Enable your mobile workers to access data and to collaborate regardless of where work takes them with Office 365.
ModernBiz for Dynamics ERP Mobile Productivity eBook
As mobile work becomes the norm, cloud-based solutions extend productivity, collaboration, and business management tools to employees on the go.
Three helpful Office 365 features you might not know about
Microsoft's productivity suite can help you tell digital stories, manage customers and make invoicing a snap
The productivity puzzle
Open-plan workspaces, micromanagement and stand-alone productivity tools are but some of the challenges faced by small business owners every day. These three challenges make up today's productivity puzzle. To solve it, you must learn how to facilitate different workstyles, adopt an empowring management style, and better equip your people with ...
A Crash Course in Office 365
Unlock secret features and capabilities that you can put to work immediately in your business. Get practical tips and how-tos across six critical areas. Enable your staff to take business out of the office and get them in front of your customers. Collaborate, leverage the same apps, and secure your ...
Position Your Financial Services Business for Success
IT innovation has turned the financial services sector into a breeding ground for disruption and cutting-edge innovation.
Best CRM Software for Small Businesses in 2017
Best CRM software for small businesses. These cloud-based and software-based crm platforms will help you develop great customer relationships.
25 CRM Best Practices for Beginners
Customers are the most important part of any business. Given that customers are the single most important asset of a business, it’s important we look after them. Investing in a quality Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool is essential for businesses wanting to improve customer relations.
50 Free Marketing Tools Any Small Business Can Use
You’re a small business. You need to market your products and services to establish yourself on the market and edge ahead of competitors.

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