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Reach people who are actively shopping with ads in Facebook Search Results
Ads in Facebook Search Results offer a new way for you to reach people who are in this discovery mindset.
How to Send Effective Order Confirmation Emails [Examples + Template]
Ultimately, when done right, email confirmations can help create customer loyalty, build awareness around other products or services, and drive traffic to your blog or social media accounts. 
Advertising on Instagram for Beginners
Simply, having a social media presence and posting photos isn’t enough. You need to take your advertising strategy a level higher.
Shoppers Psychology Online and Offline (Infographic)
Attention shoppers! How many times have you tried browsing for the perfect product but had to settle for a decent value purchase? Have you ever wished you knew how your mind works when it comes to determining whether a purchase has a good price-quality ratio or not?
The beginner’s guide to Google Adwords
A detailed guide which lays out the steps and considerations required in creating a Google Adwords campaign.

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